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Even if you don’t own a Kindle, Amazon has reading apps that allow you to read kindle books on any device whether computer, tablet, or phone! Prices do change on Amazon, but as of right now these are free!

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Chia Seed Recipes: Cooking with an ancient superfood for health, nutrition, and weight loss (Quick and Easy Series)

100 Places To Get Things FREE!

Money Management: Wish They Had Taught Me This in School (Money Mindset, Saving Money)

Successful Working Mom

Unfussy Mom: simplifying your life, staying [mostly] sane and working like a boss

Stress: The Modern Woman’s Guide To A Stress Free Lifestyle (Stress Relief- Stress Free- Stress Free Living- Stress Free for Good- Stress Management- Stress Reduction)

Happiness 365: One-a-Day Inspirational Quotes for a Happy YOU (The Happiness 365 Inspirational Series Book 1)

Gardening: A beginners guide to organic vegetable gardening, beginners gardening (Organic Gardening, Vegetables, Herbs, Beginners Gardening, Vegetable Gardening, hydroponics)

Herbal Remedies: Herbal Remedies Guide For Achieving Ultimate Health (Alternative Medicine, Natural Healing, Medicinal Herbs)

CANNING: Canning And Preserving For Beginners: Your Complete Guide To Canning And Preserving Food In Jars **INCLUDES RECIPES!!!** (canning and preserving … canning and preserving book Book 1)

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