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Here’s How to Stock Your Freezer the Easy Way!

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Freezer meals are a busy woman and mom’s friend. But, if you hear “freezer meal” and think you’ll be standing in your kitchen cooking all day you would be mistaken. At least if you stock your freezer the way I do. Having some meals in the freezer will save you money since you won’t be running through the drive thru when plans change at the last minute because let’s face it – this will happen. Freezer meals will also save you time and then there is the stress factor. Freezer meals will save you loads of stress when you need to come up with a meal that is not cereal in five minutes or less. Although, I have served cereal for dinner at times so no judgement here.

But, you don’t have to stand in your kitchen cooking boring meals or stress out about what will actually work as a freezer meal. I’ve got the perfect solution, and it has been my solution for nearly three years. And, I’d be lost without it!

here's how to stock your freezer

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Here’s the deal.

If you’ve got an hour, you can get your freezer loaded with 10 meals, and you’ve got numerous options to choose from…including specialty diets like gluten free! This program takes the stress out of meals and lets you get back to living life, especially during this extremely busy back to school season.

Before you worry about these meals being complicated, I can save you that worry and say…they aren’t. These are primarily the dump kind of recipes where it takes minimal effort to get them thrown together.

Here’s the plans, and you’ve got two to choose from.freezer

There’s the Basic Plan which gives you eight meal plans to choose from. You simply choose which meals you want, then you download the recipes, shopping lists, preparation instructions, and more.

Then there’s the Premium Basic Membership. This allows you to create and customize your meal plans, change out recipes, and you also receive new plans and recipes every month.

Here’s a breakdown of exactly how this program works, step by step:

Isn’t it amazing how easy it truly is? If you hate dealing with dinner, this is the answer you’ve been waiting for!



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