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Sometimes I Really Hate Being Frugal

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Do you struggle with being frugal at times? Me too. Actually if I am being honest, I would tell you that sometimes I really hate being frugal.

And as the queen of frugal, let me tell you that saying that is really saying something.


Living in Michigan, the spring break crowd will start vacating this place by the end of next week. I kid you not, at last half, if not more, of the people who live here head South for spring break.

Who can blame them, really, since nearly every year winter continues to hold on here for another couple weeks to a month yet. In fact, according to my local weather we will be shoveling snow this Wednesday and Thursday. They also went on to say that March will come to an end with this continued cold and the first couple of weeks of April won’t be any better.

With weather like this, I would love nothing more than getting out of here and heading someplace warm that will give me just that little bit of a reprieve to muster up the strength to endure winter for another month after already enduring the cold temperatures for October, November, December, January, February, and now March.

This is not my reality, however. With a commitment to living a frugal life, we are not willing to use credit to finance a vacation, even if we need it so very badly. That’s not to say that those who do are wrong, this is simply our choice.

Every year, this time of the year is such a difficult one for me. I see the pictures start rolling out on Facebook and Instagram of all the sunny skies and beautiful water that seemingly everyone I know but me is enjoying.

While I don’t question our choices, it is hard for me to embrace these choices at times and let me tell you, there have been many years when I would love nothing more than to throw our frugal commitments out the window of the car as I drive South with everyone else.

Because I recognize how difficult this time of year is for me and how it affects my mood, the way I treat my family, and the overall dissatisfaction I feel, I got proactive about it.

Curious to know what I do every year at this time to make it easier on me?

You can read all about it by reading How a Yearly Facebook Hiatus Helps Me Maintain Frugality over on Money Saving Mom.

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