A Work From Home Morning Routine [From a Mom of 9]

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As a work at homeschooling mom of 9, never have I been more aware of the need for mornings that matter. Would it surprise you to know that life was much more stressful, and I got much less done as a mom of 3 kids at home than I do now as a mom of 9 at home? I know, it sounds kind of crazy. And honestly, it probably sounds too good to be true. But the truth is, as our family has grown into a family of 11 (I’ve got kids from 19 down to 2), I have had to adapt to juggling all the things at once. After all, with a husband who works full time and then some, I was outnumbered LONG ago. The secret to juggling all the things WITHOUT losing your mind is a morning routine. And in light of current events there are now a lot of moms who are working at home and need a work from home morning routine.

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The thing is, with a morning routine, your days turn out looking a lot less like you’ve all been on the Hot Mess Express. When you’ve got a work from home morning routine, you decide a lot more about how your days look. Not only that, your mood is completely different.

Will everything always go the way you plan it every day?


In fact, there may still be plenty of days where you are ready to wave the white flag. But, how does it sound to not need to wave that white flag before noon?

If this sounds good, you are exactly who I created my morning routine template for. Not only that, it also has a video tutorial along with it that also shares my very best tips for better mornings.

Better mornings start with better days.

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