Being an Intentional Mom

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As our younger kids get older, I find they are more eager to help so they can be more like the older siblings they idolize.  Of course this means that my younger kids are doing older kid things at a much younger age than the older ones ever did.  I realize this is just the way things tend to go, but it never ceases to amaze me what they want to do.

With the old me, what they wanted to do often didn’t coincide with what I let them do either because it could have caused huge messes, problems, or issues with something or because it would have taken more time, but the new me has decided to recognize that these often aren’t the best of reasons for holding them back.  Not necessarily holding them back from something developmentally because they are asking to do something that is generally a bit out of their reach yet, but holding them back from being the person they are trying to be – someone more grown up.  Someone who can contribute more and someone who wants to be a bigger help to the family.

Today, my seven year old gIMG_3112iggly girl wanted to pour the milk.  Not only did she want to pour the milk, she wanted to pour the milk from a nearly full gallon into small, flimsy paper cups.  I guess it makes a little bit of sense that this made me just a wee bit nervous.

For me, being intentional yesterday meant reaffirming my commitment to say yes when I really wanted to say no.  Could this milk pouring episode have ended in disaster.  Most certainly.  Did it really matter, most certainly not.

Just in case you’re wondering, she did just fine 🙂

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  1. It is so hard for me to say yes to certain things like this, seriously it makes me cringe thinking of all the messes/accidents that could occur. I’m getting better at saying yes here lately tho!

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