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5 Simple Steps For Controlling the Clutter In Your Closet

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I don’t know about you, but my closet can become a clutter disaster quickly. This could be because it is the one place that only affects me. My husband and I are the only ones who deal with the closet. So, it becomes an easy place to just let go in the midst of a crazy life.

I think the master bedroom closet has got to be one of my most dreaded tasks. It really is the place that gets out of control the most. In my case, it basically comes down to a lack of time, not that I’m trying to make an excuse. It is just that with everything I have to do in any given day, worrying about the state of my closet really just doesn’t rank that high.

And then it gets to looking like this. Just being honest here, please don’t judge me for it.


When it gets to look about like this, I simply cannot deal with it anymore, roll up my sleeves, and get to work.

My clothing drawers can also become a clutter issue. Thankfully, drawers aren’t nearly as big so they really don’t have much of a chance to get out of hand. I have also discovered a couple organizers for my drawers that have really helped. I will share those in a bit.

In examining how my closet and drawers get out of hand, I have determined these are five amazing tips for keeping your bedroom closet free from clutter.

closet clutter

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1. Spend just a few minutes each day keeping these places tidy and neat

It really only takes a few minutes on a consistent basis to make a huge difference. I am far from perfect here, but a few minutes every day really does go a long way.

2. Make it easy for yourself

When it comes to your closet, making it easy to keep organized is a huge help. This is also true for your drawers. I have found these to be helpful for the closet

and these to be helpful in drawers

3. Organize these things in a way that makes sense

Much like with kitchen cupboards, the things you use the most should be in what I call “prime space.” If you rarely wear nylons, they would be tucked away somewhere. Out of season clothes should be rotated into harder to reach places to make it easier to keep your in season clothes neater.

4. Limit yourself

So often we have way more than we need in our closets. Perhaps the best tip for controlling clutter in your closet is to have less in there. I understand that this could be hard to do. However, there is nothing that will be a greater help to having an organized and clutter-free closet and set of drawers than simply having less to deal with.

5. Be selective

In controlling the amount of stuff we have, it is always a good idea to be discerning about what we really need. In going through different spending freezes in my life, I am always amazed at how my perspective changes and how I am more clearly able to decipher the difference between a need and a want. It is within this same line of thought that I say to be selective on what you bring into your home in everything. In this case, your closet and drawers.

Closets can be such a bother to keep clean and organized but keeping these tips on hand will make it much easier to tame that closet clutter!

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