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Menu Plan 7/18/16

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weekly menu planDo you make a menu plan? Menu planning is a great way not only of helping the days go more smoothy, but it is also a way to stretch the family dollar further since the first step I use in creating my menu plan is consulting the sale ads for the week to create my shopping list. What we eat in a week is entirely dependent on what is on sale in any given week.

You can find my step by step instructions in creating your own meal plan in Menu Planning 101 Part One and Menu Planning 101 Part Two.

Vegetables and fruit are always part of every meal, I just don’t often list them since my fresh produce comes and goes in a flash with so many mouths to feed.

Here is my menu plan for this week.


Monday: eggs and toast

Tuesday: cinnamon bread

Wednesday: cereal

Thursday: pancakes and eggs

Friday: cereal

Saturday: puffed pancake

Sunday: oatmeal



Monday: leftover soup from dinner

Tuesday: tuna

Wednesday: cheese and bean burritos

Thursday: sandwiches

Friday: chicken salad sandwiches

Saturday: sandwiches

Sunday: leftovers



Monday: hot dogs and brats, cole slaw

Tuesday: pork chops, potatoes, and carrots in the crock pot

Wednesday: Alfredobread sticksOlive Garden salad

Thursday: chef salad and B.L.T.

Friday: macaroni and cheese

Saturday: crock pot chicken stew

Sunday: French toast and eggs

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