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Clutter is never-ending. Clutter is overwhelming. Also, clutter seems to multiply like nobody’s business. For most of us, clutter is an ongoing struggle. Really, clutter is all of these things and so much more. But did you know that there is actually a hidden cost to clutter? The truth is, clutter can be costing you so much more than just the stress you feel when you seem to be surrounded by it. Clutter can actually be costing you your health. Especially when you’ve tried various clutter busting ideas that just don’t seem to work for you. Then you’ve got the clutter and frustration, disappointment, and even anger to go along with it. Once you know the cost, you’re ready to move on with the decluttering part. Use the free decluttering questions checklist to make it easy!

But, understanding what clutter really is costing you might very well be the turning point you need to really start to get control your clutter once and for all.

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So, what is the hidden cost of clutter?

Here’s how clutter is affecting your health and some surefire decluttering tips you can start using right now.

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Clutter can be causing you anxiety

I can certainly relate to this one. Clutter around me is like being in a crowded, noisy room that makes me a little crazy. Plus, clutter can make me feel like my chest is tight or even like I can’t catch my breath when it seems to be overtaking me. I know clutter certainly puts me on edge, and this breeds anxiety.

Clutter can cause poor self esteem

Oftentimes clutter feels like a complete reflection of who we are as people rather than just a set of circumstances that surround us. Clutter can even happen as a result of something that we have absolutely no control over. For instance, a prolonged illness can leaves us unable to manage the clutter as it happens.

Once clutter gains a foothold, it only multiplies and becomes an enormous problem.

Despite having no control over what caused the clutter in the first place, we internalize, blame ourselves, and allow our self esteem to plummet.

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Clutter can cause depression

You can have everything in your life together, but if you struggle with clutter it can make you feel like a complete failure. Clutter can make you feel shame. You can can even be downright angry at yourself. Then, you can have horrible sense of self esteem – all as a result of being surrounded by clutter to any extent. Once you start feeling these negative emotions about yourself, it can feed right into depression.

Clutter can affect our relationships

If we feel ashamed of our clutter, like we are a failure because of our clutter, and are suffering with even mild feelings of depression, we may just pull away from our relationships with others. We may just want to hide from others (since we can’t hide from our clutter). Then, we withdraw from the people in our lives as a result.

Having relationships with others is part of being human, it is something we all need for our personal well being. In this way, withdrawing from relationships is only compounding the problem.

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Clutter can cost us valuable time

This is true, isn’t it? When you have to go around clutter, when you can’t find what you’re looking for, and when you are trying to go out of your way to hide your clutter problem from others, these things all cost us our most precious commodity – time.

Every time I do a massive decluttering in my home, I am always amazed at how much more time I have as a result, simply because I’m not hassling with so much stuff.

Clutter can cost you sleep

Anything that is stressful, causing feeling of frustration or anxiousness, or seems to monopolize our thoughts can all cost valuable sleep. Whether you’re awake because you’re beating yourself up about your clutter, trying to devise a plan to hide your clutter from others, or just too mentally exhausted to sleep, clutter can cost you the sleep you need.

Of course lack of sleep is never good for your overall health.

Ok, so you know that it’s really time to get on top of your clutter. But how?

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Here are three powerful decluttering ideas you need to start with right now.

Don’t bring anything else in

If you are overcome by clutter in your home, stop bringing anything else in to your home. Before you can start dismantling the mountain you need to stop building it higher. Whatever it is you think you want to bring in, just don’t. At least not until you have gotten a good handle on your current clutter situation.

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Recruit help

Get one person you trust to come in and help you get started. An outside perspective as you work through the decluttering process is SO useful. Someone else isn’t emotionally connected to your stuff. So, they will more easily be able to help you start managing and eliminating your clutter.

Create an awesome incentive

Most likely, working on your clutter isn’t going to be a fun experience – at least not at first. I actually do find that once I get started on decluttering, it is freeing, energizing, and even fun. But, at least to get started, come up with an incentive that will motivate you to get a certain amount the work done.

For instance, let’s say you are going to tackle the huge amount of clutter in your bedroom. Perhaps once you have finished your bedroom you could reward yourself with a new picture for the wall, some new bedding, or even some fresh flowers.

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Having an incentive or reward to look forward to at the end always makes getting something done easier. For this reason, an incentive can be just the fuel you need to really get the decluttering done.

The hidden cost of clutter, your health, is more than you or I can afford to sacrifice. Stuff is just not worth it no matter what it is.

Understand the full effect that clutter has on your life, and then use these decluttering tips to start getting on top of your clutter right now.

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