Five Things I Love This Week 4/3/16

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Now that the clutter free challenge has ended, I can get back to posting about the things I love each week. If you have not made it a regular thing to reflect back on your week, even the weeks that are like a train wreck, to find five this to love, you really should.

There is nothing that better helps me keep things in perspective while also taking a moment to be intentional than this practice is each week.

Here are the five things I love about my week this past week!


Baby gymnastics and kids who never get sick of being a part of it all. My kids love having many siblings, and now that we are down to the wire waiting for this baby everyone is getting really excited!


Crazy girls who have made the best of the extended winter that we are having. Here they are doing their PE inside rather than outside.


I had one day that I could hang out laundry, and I love, love, love getting outside for a few minutes as I hang out the various loads. It forces me to enjoy the outside at least a few times every day. I hang my laundry outside to be frugal, but even more I do it for my own therapy!


This was the sky that day. One day of blue sky this week. I’ll take it.


My clutter free linen closet…it’s still clutter free two weeks later!

Feel free to share about the things you’ve loved about your week in the comments!

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