How to Keep Your Family Healthy & Safe [During Uncertain Times]

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If you find yourself wondering, “How do I keep my family healthy?” during this time, you’re not alone. Life has suddenly become unknown, things have become urgent in a very short time, and we are all worried about keeping our family safe and healthy in light of current events. As a large family mom, I can say that keeping my family healthy has always been something that I’ve been super diligent with. After all, any kind of illness or virus can take our family out for weeks or even months. Since my husband also works in the ER, I know there is no shortage of germs that come in and out of my home every single day, especially now. As a result, my email, phone, and all social media channels have been flooded wondering how people like you can keep your family healthy. I get it, I so get it. And, I am so excited that I seem to have been created for a time such as this. A self-proclaimed germaphobe, I’m happy to share the things I do every single day (especially during the cold and flu season) that give my family the greatest likelihood of staying healthy. Of course nothing is foolproof, and I’m not a microbiologist or anyone with credentials after my name. I’m just a mom of 9 who has always tried to keep my family healthy. And, I’m glad I can pass on what I’ve learned. If you’re wondering how to keep your family healthy and safe, keep reading!


Before you go any further, be sure to grab our list of 30 cleaning tasks. Each task can be done in 30 minutes or less. Just tell us where to send it!

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    The best thing you can do is watch the video below. In it, I share these very same things, I think it’s easy to learn these methods in a video. So, click on the video below to watch it!

    But, if you’re looking for a list of what to clean to keep your family healthy and safe, find it below.

    Here’s how to keep your family healthy & safe!

    keeping your family healthy

    For when people have been in public places keep your family healthy by:

    • Keeping hand sanitizer in your car and in every place you can think of
    • Out of the houser clothes get changed and washed together on sanitize
    • Regular indoor clothes (only worn in the home) get washed together
    • Wipe down doorknobs and other surfaces touched when someone gets home
    • Sanitize phone or anything else that has been used in the outside world
    • Think about where you set things when you’re out – no purse in shopping cart – wipe down anything that has touched the “outside world”
    • Keep coat on so the clothes underneath remain free of germs
    • Wash coat frequently (every 1-2 days)
    • Put hand sanitizer on the minute you enter your car
    • Wash steering wheel and interior door handles frequently
    • Coats stay outside when you get home (hooks in garage)
    • Anyone showers immediately upon returning home
    • All guests are asked to wash hands and put on sanitizer

    Regular cleaning duties to keep your family healthy

    • Wipe down: handrails, light switches, doorknobs, kitchen hardware, remotes
    • Swap out any dish rages daily in bleach and water…or microwave for 2 minutes
    • Do this same thing with sponges (microwave)
    • Wipe down microwave buttons, stove buttons with anti-bacterial cleaner
    • Also, wipe down fridge handle
    • Wipe down sink faucet handleSanitize eating surfaces including chairs
    • Wash and sanitize hands before eating food
    • Make sure to wash and sanitize hands before preparing foo
    • Wash and sanitize hands after using the bathroom
    • Sanitize toilet handle
    • Dishwasher runs on sanitize or high heat
    • Nothing gets shared or reused

    Routine cleaning tasks

    • Wash bedding at least once a week
    • Wash coats once a week (every other day if in germy places)
    • Daily showers just to be super cautious
    • Limit kissing – snuggles are fine 🙂

    When someone gets sick

    • Isolate anyone who is sick including washing their dishes separately
    • Remember, sick ones are contagious before show symptoms
    • Sick ones can also be contagious and never show symptoms

    Keeping your family healthy has never been more important. These are the things I do on a regular basis in my family.

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