A Morning Routine For Moms With Kids at Home

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If you want to have better days, the simple answer is that you have to have better mornings. It is very difficult, if not impossible, to overcome a disastrous morning. If your morning isn’t at least somewhat on your terms, your entire day will be spent being bounced around from one thing to another (or one catastrophe to another), much like a pinball in a pinball machine. But, if you’re a busy mom who works, it’s hard. This might even sound impossible to you. And, if you’re a mom with kids at home, this might also sound like a dream that could never come true. But, it is totally possible to have mornings that start on your terms, which means you will have better days. As a mom of 9 kids who are always at home (we homeschool) I can say that making a morning routine happen as a mom with kids at home truly is possible.

Pssst! Before you go any further, I’ve got a morning routine template for you. You can use the template as is, or there is a blank one to create your own. It will be the game changer in your day. Just tell us where to send it!



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Why does a morning routine matter?

Your day starts on your own terms

When your day starts with kids barging into your room (or something like it), you’re going to spend the rest of your day feeling like you’re chasing after it. And, in many ways you are.

Think about getting into a pool that’s freezing cold. If you jump right in, the cold pool just takes your breath away. But, if you ease into the pool a little at a time, you’ve got time to get used to the water. That way it’s never a shock.

The same is true for your day. It’s must less shocking to ease into your day. And, a morning routine allows you to do that.

You have time to make a plan

If you don’t have a plan for the day, you’re much more likely to spend your day doing things you don’t really plan to do. And, therefore rarely getting to the things you really want to do.

You know what they say….failing to plan is planning to fail. And, I have certainly found this to be true.

A plan for the day allows you to be more intentional, get more done in less time, and waste less time.

A morning routine should include time to plan your day. Then, you’ll spend your day doing more of what you want.

You can learn more about what I’ve written here by watching the video below!

What does a morning routine look like for moms?

morning routine for moms

I’ve got 3 things every morning routine should include.

A morning routine should include 3 things that are important to you

Starting your day spending a few moments doing 3 things you actually want to do gets your day off to a great start. These don’t have to be huge things that require a lot of time. In fact, these really should be fairly simple things.

For me, my morning routine includes things like:

  • Drinking a dig glass of water
  • Reading a chapter in my book
  • Getting a head start on a simple household task – this usually means moving laundry from the washer to the dryer

choose a word of the year

A morning routine should include determining your one most important daily task

Decide on what your one most important task to get done is each day. Then, decide on 3 additional things you’d like to get done. If your one most important task gets done, you can move on to the other 3 tasks.

I call this Daily Task Mapping, and you can download the free worksheet for that HERE

A morning routine should include something that makes you feel good about yourself

This could be doing a few stretches, getting dressed into something that makes you feel pretty, putting on some makeup, going for a quick walk, and more. Again, this doesn’t have to take much time, but decide on something that makes you feel ready to start your day.

Making a morning routine happen with kids at home

Get up on time

Once you’ve created your morning routine, you should be able to determine how long it will take to work through it. I think 20-30 minutes is a great time to shoot for.

get up early tips

Get up right away

Don’t hit snooze. If you struggle with knowing what time to get up, you can get our Waking Time Worksheet HERE. It will give you the formula to figure it out based upon your needs.

Plan your morning routine the night before

Make sure you’ve gotten anything together that you will need for your morning routine the night before so you can easily find it.

I plan my day in my planner. For this reason I always make sure my planner is by my chair the night before.

If you are a mom with kids at home, you really can still start your day your own way. The same is true if you are a working mom. A morning routine is possible, and it will even become something that you view as a non-negotiable once you get one in place. My morning routine is one of the best parts of my day.

Making a mooring routine happen as a mom with kids at home just takes a little planning, the right tools for the job like our morning routine template, and a commitment to making you a priority.

In the end, the time you spend making a morning routine happen will make the rest of the day all the better.

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daily schedule for moms

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