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How to Use a Planner to Create a Daily Planning Schedule

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I am in full on planning mode. My kids start back with school next week, and the first couple of months are always such a mess. I would be totally lost without my planner since it helps keep everything in my life organized. From kids’ practices to various appointments, to lists of books I need to pick up from the library for school projects, and more, a planner is essential. But it’s more than that. A planner is just what busy moms need to create a daily planning schedule. And it’s not about creating a long to do list. Actually, planning and scheduling less will help you get more done. Don’t believe me? I’ll show you how, just keep reading!


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The benefits of using a planner with a daily planning schedule

For the longest time I thought a planner was just a pretty calendar. So, this is basically how I used mine. 

But I have since learned the true value that comes in having one centralized place that all the details of life can go and be organized as well as available when I need them.

Having a paper planner, and finally finding the perfect one has been priceless in how much easier it has made my life. 

I use my planner for the calendar, of course. But I also use my planner to jot down little things I have to remember, recipes I want to look up, quotes that inspire me, funny things my kids say and do that I don’t want to forget, and so much more.

When it comes to the planning that is necessary in life, I use my planner to keep all the daily, weekly, and monthly details straight as well.

Curious to see how I plan my day using my planning and daily planning sheets? Check out this video where I show you step by step how I do it!

I use my planner both for family life and to keep things straight with my business. Using two different planners just became too complicated. Plus, my work life and family life so often overlap that the details really do need to be kept together. 

Wondering how I use my planner to keep my family of 11 running smoothly? Read on!

How to use a planner to get & keep your life in order

daily schedule planning moms

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There are some simple things I do with my planner that make it much easier to use. In the end, these save me time and stress. These are the essential parts of my planner that will change your life as much as they have changed mine.

Use color coding in your planner to save time

Color coding for people’s activities and appointments on the calendar has proven to be important and a huge time saver. I can look at my calendar in a moment and know where my time will be spent each day.

I will admit that for the longest time I thought that being this detailed and taking the time to color code things would cost me more time than it was worth. However, I couldn’t have been more wrong. Being super detailed and organized with planning, especially at this time of year when things are all fresh and new, has been time that is super well spent. 

daily planning schedule moms

Budgeting section in your planner to help save money

I like having my budget handy in my planner. There is nothing worse than having more month than I do money when the month ends. Since so many of the decisions that need to be made involve money, keeping my budget in my planner makes this easier.

Weekly calendar and daily task lists to stay organized as a busy, working mom

I also like a planner where I am able to have weekly spreads with plenty of room to write things. This would include things like grocery lists, details about meals for the week, and writing down my goals. It’s one thing to make goals and write them down. But if they aren’t incorporated into my monthly, weekly, and daily life, they just aren’t going to happen.

The planner I love and have been using for four years has plenty of room for my weekly tasks. Then, there are even cute sticky notes that are created just for prioritizing my weekly tasks. You can find the weekly planning lists HERE.

Whether you are a busy woman who is a mom or not, a working inside the home or outside of the home woman, or a mom who simply punches a timecard as a mom, we all need to be organized to keep things from falling apart.

weekly planning checklist

Creating steps to accomplish goals in your planner

Writing my goals in my planner is important, but it can’t stop there.

Once I write out my goals, being able to break them down into different action steps all in my planner makes my goals much more likely to happen. 

Again the planner that I use has a HUGE customized system that makes working on goals a breeze.

Choose a planner that has a place for creating  daily planning schedule

The planner I use has ample space for daily planning. This allows me to strategically plan my weeks and my days for top efficiency. These daily spaces also help me make sure that I’m not forgetting anything. 

The planner I love has additional sticky notes for daily planning just like it has the weekly planning sticky notes. You can find the daily planning sticky notes HERE.

These sticky notes allow me to prioritize my to-do list by what is urgent and must be done every day and what tasks are more like wish list kind of tasks that I hope I can get to. 

daily schedule moms

Plenty of blank space in your planner

I don’t know about you, but I need room in my planner to write down all the other things I need to remember as a busy woman

Since you never really know what you will have to keep track of, having empty space in your planner is key. Trying to squeeze notes in the margin just won’t work for me. I end up having to write so small that I can’t even read what I wrote. This becomes pointless then.

I find so much value in using a paper planner. And,I do also use a digital calendar so my husband and I can keep track of appointments together. But, aside from appointments and work hours, this digital planner is of no value to me. There just isn’t any space to make the notes and track the things I need to track.

And, having a pretty planner to use just makes me happy. I can’t tell you the number of times that I’ve been using my planner while I was out somewhere and people want to know where I got it from. 

The planner I use is as pretty as it is functional. You can find the planner I love HERE. It’s an amazing value as well. When you break the cost down into the 12 months that you will be using it, you are paying next to nothing to have more time and less stress in your life.


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