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The Real Reason You Don’t Have Any Money

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Money. While no one really likes to focus on money, it is the focus of so many things. We need money to cover basic necessities, we need money to get the care we need, and in many ways, we need money in order to make our dreams come true, don’t we? Yet so often, we don’t seem to have enough money to go around. But, did you know there could be a very good reason why you don’t have any money? Did you realize that there could be one thing and one thing only to blame for not having any money?

It’s true.

I have spent my entire adult lifetime learning to master money. This is primarily because our income has fluctuated so drastically, my husband has spent more than seven of the past 12 years in school of some kind, and we have suffered several wage setbacks and even job loss. And, we’ve done this while supporting our super-sized family of 10.

In a nutshell, I have learned to master money because I had to.

So, are you ready to hear about the reason you don’t have any money?

don't have money

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It’s because you don’t have an honest and accurate budget.

Before you go any further, I can help you create one. Join my free 5-day budget bootcamp and by the time you’re done, you’ll have both an accurate and honest budget.

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So. What is a budget?

Don’t overthink it. Don’t let the word budget be too heavy for you.

A budget really is nothing more than a written account of the money coming into your family budget and the money going out of your family budget.

A budget is a plan about where your money goes. Everything doesn’t always go according to plan, I realize, but as in anything, it starts with a plan.

It starts with a budget.

What does not having a budget mean?

It could mean that you’re paying for things you didn’t even realize you’re paying for

Oftentimes, sitting down and tracking where your money is going means that some of these places may come as a surprise to you.

It could mean that you have undue stress in your life

If you don’t ever really know your money situation, you’re most likely feeling stressed when it comes time to pay the bills. “Will I have enough?” With a budget, you’ll know, even if the unexpected happens.

It means that you most likely don’t have much of an idea of what you’re really working for

When will you finally be able to buy (you will in the blank)? When will you ever be able to take that vacation? How will your kids pay for college? These kinds of questions usually go unanswered if you don’t have a budget.

You could have unnecessary stress and strain on relationships

If you are hiding out of control spending from you loved ones like a spouse, your relationship will suffer.

You won’t have the discipline needed if you ever find yourself in a time of financial hardship

If you don’t have a budget, you won’t have any experience in living with spending limits or reaching financial goals. If you experience a sudden loss of income, you will most likely have no choice but to live within a budget.

Do you find yourself with more month left at the end of your money? Do you wonder why you’re not ever getting ahead?

Chances are, a complete, accurate, and honest budget is missing.

Ready to do things differently and finally take control of your money?

Then get started on a budget today. And, join my free email course that will show you just how to do this. Get started by entering your email below.

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