I’ve Got a Quick Favor to Ask of You!

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I’ve got a quick favor to ask of you. Even if this is your first time here, you can participate!

I am just doing the final edits on my ebook, A Realistic Action Plan For the Weary Mom: 15 Days of Hope From The Intentional Mom, which will be released sometime in October. However, before I finish it, I want to ask you a couple of questions and was hoping you could help me out.

a realistic action plan

This book was written by moms for moms since I gathered a panel of younger moms and asked them to share their struggles, their challenges, and their worries as moms with me, and then I gathered the advice from a panel of seasoned moms to pair these concerns from the younger moms with.

Because the panel of younger moms I consulted with was comprised of women I know and because it was put into the works this past February, I am wanting to involve my actual readers – the moms who meet me at The Intentional Mom. I want to be certain that I am addressing the specific concerns of my readers, too – which means YOU!

For this reason, I am asking for your help. Can you please send me a quick email or message on social media to tell me YOUR TOP TWO STRUGGLES as a mom? I am looking to add an extra bonus chapter that addresses the two most common concerns I receive from these responses. You can email me at [email protected].

I am going to be writing this bonus chapter and getting everything over to Amazon this weekend, so you could do this anytime between now and Sunday morning or so. That way you’ve got a bit of time to think on it and get back to me since I want to be certain that I don’t leave out the things that could really impact your life – especially if these are struggles that you are facing right now.

If you want an idea of the first few chapters and the specific things that are addressed in the book to get some ideas flowing, you only have to subscribe by filling out the signup form at the bottom of this post, or by clicking on the cover of the book over on the left side of this page. Then, you will get the first three chapters of the book for FREE.

Thank you so much for taking the time to be a reader here, and I would so greatly appreciate your feedback on these questions.


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