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Join Me On a 14 Day Challenge That Just Might Change Your Life

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Ok, so I am updating this post to let you all know that I am changing the dates of this challenge after some readers reminded me that so many of us are doing the Living Well and Spending Zero Challenge this month. I never even thought about the fact that according to the rules of spending zero, you wouldn’t be able to purchase this course if you don’t already own it. Duh! Sorry, I never even thought about that since I already purchased this.

My goal in running this challenge at this time was to get us all in great routines before the busyness of the holiday season hits, but we can still accomplish that AND start this challenge on November 2nd.

With that in mind, the new plan is to do this challenge from November 2-15 (that way you can purchase it on November 1 and be ready to go on November 2. We’ll still squeak this out just before Thanksgiving. Sound good?!

Can’t wait to do this with all of you, this spending zero challenge has been an amazing experience of growing together as a community, so I know this will, too!

Again, sorry I didn’t think about this ahead of time!

The past month or so I have been really focused on making my time work more efficiently for me. I have found myself to be more productive, to have more energy, and to feel more purposeful in the things I do and in the ways that I do them.

Many of my weekly themes on Periscope have been centered on this topic, and I have also had several posts here as well.

This morning, I was sitting back and wondering why it is that this particular thread has been woven through so many of the things that I have wanted to share with others more recently, and I finally figured it out.

(this post contains an affiliate link. If you make a purchase, I will receive a small commission at no cost to you).


It is because I have gone through the Make Over Your Morning course twice. Both times that I have gone through, I have learned so much, and my days have been so much more streamlined, which with a life as busy as mine is during this season, has proven to be such an asset.

I tried to narrow down the benefits that I have discovered through this course, and I have come up with these.

  • I feel like I now have a feeling of renewed purpose with each day. Each day is more clearly focused than it was before.
  • I have been challenged to be more productive, which doesn’t always mean getting more done. In all actuality, I have actually been giving myself permission to NOT get things done more than ever before. I have been challenged to focused more than ever before on the things that really matter in my life – the people who really matter in my life.
  • I have been very inspired to work through this course because I know that there is a community of others who are working through this as well. I think anytime that we get a sense of community we are inspired to keep going, to keep striving toward a common goal.

Because I recognize the enormous benefit that this course has produced in my life, I am eager to share in this journey along with my readers here, building our own community who are learning to be more streamlined, purposeful, and productive.

For this reason, I am going to be running a mini-series for the last 14 days of October to cover the 14 days of the course. I plan on sharing you the fruits that this course creates in my own life and look forward to learning some new things, too, with this being my third time through.

In doing so, I hope to encourage you in making positive changes in your life, too.

The course cost is $17, and I can assure you it’s worth every penny, but if the $17 is a struggle, believe me, I understand that completely! This is part of why I am telling you about this now. With 18 days to prepare, it would only be having to come up with $1.00 a day in order to be able to purchase it by the start of the series on October 18th. I find that if I break expenses down into a daily expense, it becomes much more manageable in my mind.

If you have been on the fence about whether this course would benefit you, I know that it will after having completed it. If you have wavered about whether you want to do it, doing it as a community is a huge benefit and will greatly inspire you.

To purchase this course simply click on this banner,

or there is always a picture over on the left hand side that will take you there, too.

If you have any questions about it, feel free to shoot me an email at [email protected].

I look forward to sharing what I’m learning with all of you, and, we can also have some great interaction in the comments. Let’s take this journey to living more intentionally together!

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