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15 Memorable Mother & Son Date Ideas For Older Sons

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Kids grow up so fast, don’t they? It’s so easy to get caught up in the hustle and bustle of life that the days just fly by. With nine kids, I struggle just to keep my head above water some days, and this is why actually putting events on the calendar makes such a difference. This includes my husband planning some dates with our daughters and me planning some dates with my sons. With four sons, I’ve worked hard to come up with some mother and son date ideas that are fun both for me and my sons. And, the added bonus is that most of them are super cheap or free!

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Although life can be so hectic, my husband and I try to take the time to date our kids maybe a couple of times a month.With nine of them, it can take a while to get through the rotation, but all we can do is the best we canOf course I take my girls out for some fun, too, but a date provides our kids with the opportunity to learn how to behave on a date with the opposite sex.

As much as I don’t like to think of my kids dating someday, the reality is, they will grow older and get to this point.

First I feel it’s important to start with some ground rules. Then we’ll get to the good stuff.

Check out these simple mother son date ideas!

mother son date ideas

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Before we get started, let’s cover the mother and son date night rules:

No negative talk

Being on a date means that you may not talk to your son about anything negative in any way

 This is not the time to talk to him about his bad grades, issues with his work around the house, or even his misbehavior in some way. Being on a date is when you are making the very best impression, and dating your son should be no different.

Listen more than you talk

When on a date it is time to talk about what he wants to talk about or even to listen to his dreams

If he wants to talk about problems or a difficult situation in his life you may, but these discussions should be his choice only.

Let him choose

While on your date, let him pick the music and the activities to some extent, but do explain that when he is old enough to be taking a girl out, he is to let her decide these things

I do teach my sons to open doors for girls, pull out chairs for girls, and even to stand up when she is leaving the table to go powder her nose on a regular basis, but a date night is the perfect opportunity to put these things into action in the perfect setting.

Without further delay, here are 15 mother and son date ideas:

1. Concert

My son is a music fanatic whose favorite thing to do is go to a concert together. We have done this IMG_1304several times. Aren’t most boys music lovers? But, within reason, he gets to choose. I have brought earplugs before :)2.

2. Ice cream or coffee

Go to an ice cream or coffee place, whichever he would like better. The cool thing is that these are great places for conversations. Take advantage of having a nice talk about whatever is on his mind.

3. Activity place

Have fun at an activity place where they have arcade games, mini golf, or go kart type features. It is so fun to be a kid again. And, what better way to do it than with your kid?

4. Gadgets and tools

Walk around at a store like Home Depot to look at gadgets and tools

5. It’s all about the electronics

I don’t know many boys who wouldn’t love browsing through an electronics store or department

6. But those shoes!!!

Put on those attractive shoes and do some bowling

7. Batting practice

Even if he doesn’t play baseball, he will have fun at the batting cages

8. Brush up on your golf game

Practice your swing at the golf range or even head out on the links

9. Give to others

Volunteer somewhere in your community together

10. Dream of getting away

Even older boys enjoy going to the airport to watch planes

11. Daydream

Walk around at a car dealership to dream about cars

12. Skateboard fun

Head to a skateboard park whether to watch or skate

13. Bookstore

Hang out at a bookstore. This is also a great place for a quiet conversation. I just love the smell of a bookstore.

14. Pet store fun

Stroll through a pet store, a hardware store, a hobby store, or whatever kind of store he would love.

15. Let’s go fishing!

Go fishing, or just watching fishermen at your local fisherman’s hangout is fun. If you are fishing just the two of you, it is not only fun but also a great place to talk.

You could add numerous things to this list depending on his interests, your budget, and the town you live in. If you live in a big city. But, I’m sure you must have numerous options of fun things to see and do. My list more focuses on what I have done with my oldest son in the past. It is also focused on dates that provide a great backdrop for conversation.

I love spending time with my sons just the two of us. When we’re out having fun together, it always builds our relationship.

What would your son love to do?

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