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Is Your Planner Not Working? Maybe This Is Why!

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Have you tried working with a planner, calendar, or list type system and haven’t had much luck? Have you tried system after system only to end up in the same place, which is with your system, planner, or list collecting dust somewhere while you try to make your way through your day by winging it?

If so, I know exactly what you are experiencing because this was my experience for years as well. I tried systems, I tried notebooks, I tried planners, and they never really “worked” for me.

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What I didn’t realize at first is that the problem wasn’t in the tool I was using, such as the planner, but the problem was in how I was using it – or not using it in my case.

It was after floundering with what I thought was the wrong tool for a number of years that I finally started dissecting the situation, which is when I came to discover that I was in fact the problem.

If you are wondering why your planner or planner system might not be working for you, perhaps you are guilty of making any of all of these same mistakes that I had been making.

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1. Not being consistent in where you are writing your schedule, plans, and list

Let’s face it, grabbing whatever scrap of paper I could find to write important things on wasn’t really ever all that smart. Sometimes I would write things on a scrap of paper. Sometimes I would write things on a sticky not. And, sometimes I would write things in this notebook. Other times I would write things in that notebook. Finally, sometimes I would write things on my calendar…and on and on it goes.

Once I figured out that writing the same things in the same place was beneficial, I was over the first major hurdle that was always standing in my way.

2. Not being consistent in where you keep your planning system

What good is a planning system if you have no idea where to find it? I can answer that – none. Your planning system, lists, and important information will be of little to no value if you don’t know where to find it. Keeping these things in the same place or in a couple of places ensures that you will be able to write things in the correct place.

If you have a wonderful planner that you use most of the time, but not all of the time, information that you need will be missing at times. You be missing information you need. And, you may also be quite discouraged since your system still has flaws. I have one of three places where my planner will be all the time, and one of them is in my car right alongside me.

My planner is actually usable when it is within reach at all times. Choosing someplace that is both easily assessable and logical are two things to keep in mind.

3. Not having a system or planner that you love…or that works

If you don’t find a system or planner that works well, will you really want to use it? I’m guessing not. Having a system or planner that you love really helps. Wanting to use your system is a huge plus to making the effort of using it worthwhile.

If you try a planner or system being mindful of these suggestions and it still ins’t working, maybe a new system would be helpful. Determine why your current system is coming up short and address that problem. Search for something that will solve the problem that you are having with your current system.

4. Not taking your planner with you when you go places

Again, if you can’t access your planner, notebook, or system, you can’t use it and are left with writing things in a different place or relying on your brain to remember it. In my case, this generally doesn’t work too well. This is where having a to go bag comes in handy. You can throw it in there and go in a flash!

5. Not looking at your planner, notebook, or system

This can seem rather obvious, but in all honesty, it wasn’t to me. For a long time I went through all the bother of writing things down and even making them pretty, only to then not look at what I’d written. I assumed that I knew what I had written since I really had looked at it so many times, and it really did seem to be in my head. I discovered more than a few times that I didn’t really know what I thought I did. Keeping a planner and then actually looking at it are both good ideas.

If you have been looking for the missing piece in making a planning system or planner work, perhaps one of these things things are to blame. I am truly amazed at how much of a difference having a planner that actually works for me has made in my life. It truly is my brain!

If you’ve been struggling, check these things out to see if they are holding you back as they were me.

Wondering about the planner pictured? Check it out below!

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  1. Jennifer, you have some great points here. Like you, I tried many planners too and I would write everything down, but never check it. Now I keep my planner in my purse and take it everywhere. It really does make a difference having your planner with you or close by all the time.

    I love my planner and its truly helps me stay organized. This year since I added daily goals to my planner, I have been more successful at completing my daily goals too.

  2. Hi! I am new to your blog (love it!). I would like to read about your to go bag, but the link seems to be broken. I’ve tried searching for it, but I can’t find it.

    1. Ugh!!! I know! I have my tech guy working on it. I’m not sure what the issue is or how to fix it. Feel free to email me at [email protected] if you wish, and I can send you the link when it’s working! I’m so sorry!!!

  3. I have always been terrible about using planners for all the reasons that you listed.i know I could benefit from using one but definitely need to remain consistent

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