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How to Keep Kids Busy While on the Go

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how to keep kids busy on the goNeed to keep kids entertained while on the go?  We have an activity back always packed and at the ready filled with various things that we rotate out a bit to keep them interested in discovering what is inside.

Stocking this bag is one of the things we do on the weekend to get prepared for the week, but the basics stay the same from time to time.  The things in here are generally not things we rotate into the house for everyday use, otherwise these things would not be “new” enough to keep them interested and engaged.  Of course if there is a favorite book or toy, that can come along.  But for the most part, these are things that are reserved only for our going away bag.

Because I have little kids who need to sit through the activities, practices, games, and concerts of older siblings, this bag gets tons of use in my house.  I am always thankful I have it.  My bag may also be bigger than what you need, but I have things for up to four kids in here.  IMG_3175_2

Some of the staples in our bag include:

  • coloring books and pencils or crayons
  • regular notebooks for writing
  • bubbles
  • interactive and engaging books
  • quiet age appropriate toys
  • pipe cleaners
  • snack or treat
  • activity book

Then of course there are the things I may need to like:

  • baby wipes
  • hand sanitizer
  • napkins/paper towel

So this bag is in addition to any diaper bag and supplies I may need.  During the really busy seasons this bag just stays in the car since we are forever going somewhere.

If you haven’t already developed a bag like this, you may find it to be a great solution for keeping kids entertained while out and about.

How do you keep your kids busy while on the go?

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