Frugal Drugstore Treasures

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Prior to focusing on really shopping smart by combining sales and coupons, I basically thought that drugstores like Walgreens were a place to go to pick up prescriptions, at least primarily. I suppose over the counter medicines, too, in addition to a few pantry items they may or may not have that you may need in a pinch.

When I really started shopping there and walking up and down the aisles, I was amazed at what is really there. In fact, I discover new things there all the time. Even just last week I walked through the clearance section and found a really cute and thick vest for my daughter for $5. It was a great find.

It is in this spirit that I thought I would share some of my amazing discoveries and the things I am constantly on the lookout for when I go to drugstores.

These are my frugal drugstore treasures.


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  1. Clothes. They have clothes at Walgreens that are very reasonably priced normally, but when they get put on clearance these finds are even better! This is the time of year that their winter things will be there, at least in these parts, so I walk down this aisle every time I am there these days. At the end of the summer last year I found a long sleeved Hanes tee that was on sale for $.50 for my son that was the exact color he needed for underneath his football jersey. Loved not having to cringe watching him roll around in the mud wearing it since I only paid $.50 for it! I am always on the lookout for super cheap clothes for my kids that don’t really matter if something happens to them. Again, those are on clearance around this time.IMG_3221_2
  2. Very pretty scarves. I have gotten some for myself and some for my girls.  I have picked these up for a couple of dollars. They are always great for throwing in as a quick or add-on gift.
  3. Eye shadow. My Walgreens has a $1 makeup section. I am not picky about eye shadow brands at all, especially since my daughter likes having a variety of colors to choose from. There are often several eye shadows in this $1 section (on an end cap), and many of them have several different colors all in one.
  4. End caps. Don’t overlook these.  I have found additional clearance items here including a steal of a deal on socks one time. My family has socks to last three years I think!
  5. Bins in the aisles. These are often filled with cheap stocking stuffer type finds, but at times there will also be clearance or closeout stuff here.
  6. Toys, especially at Christmas. They have great deals at drugstores on the day after Thanksgiving and in sales after the holidays. At times you will find other random deals on toys and other kid items, but I find it is primarily during the holidays that you will find the best deals.
  7. Various grocery items. The other day I was walking past the coolers and noticed an amazing deal on cheese. Their every day price was very reasonable at my Walgreens. Cheese, who knew? Goes to show that these aisles are worth walking up and down when you have a minute to do so.
  8. Paper goods. Even without a sale I buy my paper plates at Walgreens, but they are usually on sale at least once a month.
  9. Diapers and wipes. Drug stores often have a great steal on these things maybe once a quarter or so.  It is often when they are having a sale that you can then combine with a manufacturers coupon and one of their own coupons out of their coupon book. Just keep your eyes open for sales on diapers and wipes and then go from there.
  10. Housewares. I don’t know about you, but drinking glasses seem to be a constant fatality around my house. At times they have had four packs of really nice glasses at both Walgreens and CVS that end up being super cheap. When they break, I don’t cringe, at least not nearly as much!

Have you found some great deals at drugstores?  Please share!

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