Stress Free Gift Shopping: The Secrets You’ve Been Missing

Can the words “stress free” and “gift shopping” live in perfect harmony? They certainly can if you put forth a little effort year round. Shopping for presents is such a fun process, but nothing beats being able to peruse for gifts in your very own home.

Actually, stress free gift shopping starts long before the actual shopping. It starts with knowing what you have to spend on gifts.

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When you know how much you have to spend and how to find the best deals, shopping for gifts really can be stress free.

How is this possible? I will share my secrets with you.

stress free gift shopping

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*Always be on the lookout for deals*

This is the governing principle. Whether I am shopping on Facebook, browsing clearance racks every time I am in a store, or sifting through online and in-store deal scenarios on big shopping days like Black Friday, I am forever shopping for one amazing deal.

As a result, I have an ever-rotating gift stash that is stocked with gifts for my husband and kids, other family members, or gifts to just have on hand for kids’ parties and showers and such that were all purchased for pennies on the dollar. Currently, I have gifts for my husband and kids’ birthdays and Christmas purchased for the next couple of years, all of my Christmas presents for extended family purchased for 2015 already, and then my general stash is full, too.

With my son’s birthday the other day, I “shopped” in his two gift boxes for about five minutes until I had exactly what I wanted for his birthday. Talk about stress free!

How can I accomplish stress free gift shopping? Check it out!


I wrote about how I use Facebook to score amazing deals. When items are new with tags or new in the box they can always be given as gifts. My kids are used to having gently used items as maintaining a frugal lifestyle is a family affair here, and buying used is a major ingredient in being frugal.

Clearance Racks: 

This is something I do everywhere I go whether I am doing my weekly shopping at the drugstores, Target, or some other store, or if I am at the local mall for something specific, I take a quick look through the clearance racks every. single. time.

Deal shopping on “deal days:”

If you follow websites like MoneySavingMom, Hip2Save, or any of the other many well run sites there are to choose from, you will find amazing deals that come up year round. I figure if I am paying 20 percent or less for something I would buy anyway, I am doing well. If an item falls within this price range, I pounce on it.
As my gift stash sits now, I do not “have” to shop for anything for a couple of years, but if I find a deal that saves me 80 percent or more, I will still buy it if I have the money for it.

Nothing beats having birthdays and holidays that are stress-free, and not having to power shop at the last minute (or even at all) certainly limits the stress!

Living a frugal life is an ongoing process as you are always learning more and tweaking the things you have always done, but there is nothing more frugal than buying gifts for pennies on the dollar.  If you have not been doing this before, follow these tips and you will be on your way to less stress when the next special day rolls around! Nothing is better than stress free gift shopping!

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  1. I do this also. It is a great way to keep the cost of gift giving low. I have one friend who has come over a few times to shop my stash when she has been low on time and money for gift shopping 🙂 .