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15 Simple Ways to Save on Heating and Cooling Your Home

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Heating and cooling during extremely hot or extremely cold can be extremely costly. With so many bills each month, everything adds up, even what you pay to heat and cool your home. But, do you realize that there are some simple things you can do to save on heating and cooling your home?

In needing to save as much money as we could during different seasons of life, I researched different ways to save on heating and cooling. These are the things I found and have been implementing for quite some time. Living in Michigan I experience both ends of the spectrum and throughout the majority of the year I am either paying for heating or cooling.

These may seem like little things, and many are, but they really can add up to savings over time.

Here’s how to save on heating and cooling your home!

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1. Only run your heat or your air conditioning when you need it

Seems basic, but pay attention to when the great outdoors can help you maintain a comfortable temperature in your home.

2. Again it seems basic, but use clothing to save you some money

Rather than turn on your air conditioning, put on some shorts if you are wearing jeans. Put on a sweater if you are cold rather than turning on the heat during the winter.

3. Don’t forget to close vents in rooms that go unused

This would include making sure that you want to heat things like bathrooms if you have vents in them. These rooms get used, but do you really need to heat and cool them?

4. Close doors to any room that havs the vents closed

5. Make sure to turn the gas off if you have a gas fireplace that is not being used for an extended period of time like over the summer

Even if your fireplace is not on, just having the small pilot lit will throw off some heat.

6. Invest in thermal curtains

They make a huge difference. Use them on really hot or really cold days or when there is wind coming in that will affect the room temperature.

7. Dial up or dial down when you are not going to be home for an extended period of time or overnight

8. If you are absent-minded in being able to remember to turn your heating and cooling up and down depending on your activity at home, buy a programmable thermostat

9. When you decide to turn on the heat or air, don’t crank it up higher or lower than you need it to be

Doing so won’t make it heat or cool any faster, therefore, you are only risking having it set to a level that you don’t need and then paying for it to be there.

10. Make sure you replace any filters in your furnace or air conditioning units at the appropriate times

Just like lint in the lint trap in your clothes dryer, a dirty filter will make your unit work harder and therefore be less efficient, which costs you in your wallet.

11. Only use ceiling fans when there is someone in the room

People think ceiling fans can actually cool a room, but they can’t. The only purpose of a ceiling fan is to create a breeze, which therefore gives a cooling effect to someone who is in the path of the wind. Paying to create wind for no one is only wasting your money.

12. Check door and window seals to be sure that you are not losing the air you pay for

There are easy ways to fix these with sealers these days.

13. Pay attention to where your thermostat is located

If it is in direct sun during the summer, this will  cause your air conditioner to run more often simply because it will be warmer in that area. Find a way to shield that area from the sun.

14. When running either your air conditioning or your furnace, be certain that all windows and sliders are closed and locked

Unlocked windows are not creating a proper seal.

15. If you have certain rooms that are notoriously hot or cold because of where they are located in the house (in our house this is the room over the garage), make sure that door stays closed to keep hot or cold air from affecting nearby rooms

Fans or portable heaters can be used in these rooms when someone is in there to make it more comfortable.

Keeping the air we pay to heat or cool inside our houses is something we all desire. These simple things can make a huge difference in your family budget.

Looking for some money saving tips around the home? Try reading 10 Money Saving Tips or Living Without a Clothes Dryer During the Winter Season.

Do you have any more heating and cooling tips?


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  1. Thanks for mentioning how I should only use air conditioning only when I need it. I would want to make sure that the systems are set up correctly. I want to have all of my air conditioning working properly.

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