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Slow Cooker Chicken Tortilla Soup Cooking Demo + Frugal Tips

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Did you miss my cooking demonstration on Facebook this morning? I shared a ton of frugal tips as well. I’ve been getting emails from many of you who have purchased Erin’s freezer cooking program and are looking for more ways that I use it while still feeding my family frugally. So, I’m sharing some more about how I use it AND keep my food budget at $350 a month!



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Today we made slow cooker chicken tortilla soup, one for tonight, and one for my freezer for later. Here’s the replay, just head on over to Facebook! We love soup in our family, and it is always a healthy and frugal meal choice.


Here’s how you can join in on our freezer cooking challenge this week. You’ll have five freezer meals by the time you’re done. Just go HERE to join in! 

Watch the demo on Facebook by clicking on this link HERE.


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