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Is That a Want Or a Need? How You Can Tell the Difference

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Looking to have more money? In the video below, I am giving you some amazing tips for knowing whether the things you buy are a want or a need. So often we think we’re buying something that is a need, only to feel guilty about it because after purchasing it, we felt guilty. We spend money we feel bad about spending.

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All this week I am looking to help you save money. And, saving money starts in your mind. Sure, we go through the actual process of making a purchase whether in the store or online, but we actually make that purchase in our mind first.

The truth is, everything we buy is either a want or a need!

smart shopping tips

When more than 10,000 people were surveyed, I learned that more than 85% of those surveyed felt their biggest struggles with money were both overspending (#1) and not saving money like they know they should (#2). You guys, 85% is a ton of people!

Not all spending is bad. Buying wants isn’t necessarily bad either. What matters is knowing what you’re buying so you can feel confident in your decision to buy something or to decide to walk away from that purchase.

But, knowing the difference between a want and a need isn’t always so easy.

Watch the video below for the tips you need to decide whether you are buying a want or a need!


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