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Spring Cleaning Checklist For Kids Rooms

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This is a sponsored post written by me on behalf of Glad. All opinions are 100% mine.

As I sit writing this I am looking at a blanket of white outside. But, since it’s now February, I know spring is right around the corner. It has to be, right? 

I don’t know what it is, but this time of the year when it seems like warmer weather is taking forever to get here, I like doing some things that make me feel better inside my home. Especially since inside is where I am during these colder months.

This past week, we have been focused on combining two of my favorite things – spring cleaning and attacking clutter.

In an effort actually be able to enjoy the weather once it warms up, I like to be proactive in getting as many projects done as I can right now.

During the warmer months there are so many projects that need to be done outside, and let’s face it, time off in the summer is SO nice!

With a family of my size, staying on top of clutter is essential. If we don’t stay on top of it, it just might swallow us up.

This week we’ve been focusing on our kids bedrooms.

I find the key in getting control of clutter in any area is just getting in there and doing it. If I spend too much time thinking about what to get rid of, I never really seem to get to the decluttering part. This is why I love checklists that are simple and to the point.

Another essential key in dealing with clutter is making sure that I am putting the things I declutter in a bag right away. Otherwise, I find it’s too easy to second guess when I’m getting rid of. The out of sight, out of mind principle is huge for me. Amazingly, once the items are in the bag, it’s such a freeing feeling.

When it comes to bags, I believe that not all bags are created equal. With the demands of a family of our size, we need a bag that is sturdy, strong, and substantial enough to hold all of the clutter, trash, and just overall stuff that we seem to collect on a regular basis.

Since I also focus on minimal living from a practical standpoint, I find that Glad Kitchen Pro bags accomplish all of these things. With these bags, there is no need to keep multiple bags for different uses in the house, which keeps things simple. There is also no need to make a special trip somewhere since they are available at Target, and we all know that I’m there at least once a week every week.

So, if you’ve got your bags and just 30 minutes, you can get an amazing start on getting your spring cleaning by starting in your kids rooms.

Using the checklist below, we make sure that we are purging at least five things from each of the following categories.

spring cleaning

Clothing: Purge at least 5 clothing items that:

  • are too worn
  • don’t fit
  • are missing an essential part (such as the match to a sock)
  • just aren’t things your kid likes to wear

spring cleaning

Toys: Purge at least 5 toys that:

  • take up too much space in the bedroom
  • make too much noise (toys that annoy you!)
  • are too “babyish” for your kids
  • are broken
  • have missing parts

Books: Purge at least 5 books that:

  • have missing pages
  • have pages that can’t be repaired
  • your child isn’t interested in
  • your child has outgrown

spring cleaning

Trash: It is amazing at how trash can make its way into your kids rooms. Now is a great time to look for trash:

  • under beds
  • in drawers, baskets, and bins
  • in closets
  • in furniture
  • under furniture
  • behind furniture
  • anyplace else…think like a kid and you’ll find trash there!

Things that belong elsewhere in the house:

Kids have a way of dragging anything and everything to their rooms. If they’ve got stuff in their room that doesn’t belong there, throw those things in a separate bag and put them away at a later time.

In the midst of a declutter project, remain focused on the main goal, which is spring cleaning your kids rooms! Items that need to be elsewhere can be taken care of separately.

Are you itching for spring? Why not do a little spring cleaning to get ahead of the game this year. Gather your supplies, gather your team, and get in there! Look at what we got done in 30 minutes!

spring cleaning

We’ve got two bags that just need to be taken out to the trash and one bag ready to donate. Here’s another decluttering tip: when you’ve got things to donate, put them right in your car so you can drop them off next time you’re out!

Spring really is right around the corner. Get in there and start cleaning today!

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    1. isn’t it so much easier just to have a list to work from? I hate thinking about what to clean more than I hate the actual cleaning part. Just tell me what to clean, and I’ll clean it. Thanks for commenting!

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