How Badly Do You Want to Get to the Top?

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Does life have you on a journey? Is the way before you filled with steps that are so high you can hardly see the top? The next question is, how badly do you want to get to the top?

I don’t want to minimize the way before you, I really don’t. Instead, I want to encourage you to not focus on the top, rather, to focus on digging deep and starting to walk up them.

I am no stranger to staring at a long and treacherous road ahead as I have faced this numerous times in my life. But, I have learned that it isn’t so much about the road or the steps but about my determination to get beyond them.

While in the midst of long stairwell I have had to stop and catch my breath at times, but I have discovered that my resolve to get to the top needs to remain forever in my focus.

Your top is different from my top, but we all have a future we long to reach.

Get in there. Dig deep. Keep walking. Just keep walking.

You. Me. We will get there. We just have to want it bad enough…and then be willing to go after it even when it’s hard.

I ask again. How badly do you want to get to the top? 


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