3 Simple Things That Can Turn Your Life Around

When you are feeling down, have you found some things that can help turn your day around? What about some simple things that can even turn your life around? Although I have never been officially diagnosed with seasonal affective disorder, I know that I have it. In some ways, it’s hard not to … [Read more...]

For Those Days When Your Heart is Hurting

I was having a good day, a great day in fact with no warning of the stabbing yet familiar pain I would feel in my heart.  It was a picture on Facebook that triggered it. A smiling loved one having fun. Something that would normally make me happy made me so very sad in that moment. Without … [Read more...]


Do you ever just stop to realize how temporary today is? How fleeting each moment is? How quickly life passes us by? Do you ever just take the time to do some lingering? In reality, we cannot walk away from this truth: (this post may contain affiliate links. If you make a purchase, I may receive … [Read more...]