For Those Days When Your Heart is Hurting

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I was having a good day, a great day in fact with no warning of the stabbing yet familiar pain I would feel in my heart.  It was a picture on Facebook that triggered it. A smiling loved one having fun. Something that would normally make me happy made me so very sad in that moment.

Without warning, that place in my heart that is filled with that loved one became so very empty in that moment as I was not there to share in the happy moment that glared at me as if to mock me from the rectangular computer screen before me. My heart? It was hurting.

Has this ever happened to you? Sure, it can be triggered by something else, or nothing at all, really. But, I’m guessing that if you’ve been around for a while you have experienced the heart hurt that I’m talking about.

Here are my words for those days when your heart is hurting.

hurting heart

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I will spare you the details of my experience, but I think, wait, I know, that there are times when our heart physically hurts.  You know, those times when you feel this hole, an emptiness, a silence that echoes down to the very depth of your soul – the feeling that the very wind has been sucked right out of your chest leaving you raw, reeling, and gasping for air.

There are no easy answers here. No hard and fast rules. There is only salve that can be used to patch up that hole until the next time your happiness seeps out and bleeds all over yet again.

The only salve I have found? Focusing on filling yourself with something that makes your heart happy. Focus on something that breathes encouragement, peace, and love to your soul.

My friend, Krystal, has written a brand new book, and it is just releasing this week. And, this might be just the sort of thing that will fill your soul.

hurting heart

Here’s a little about Rookie Devotionals:

Have you searched far and wide for answers to life’s tough questions? Are you intimidated by the complexity of the Bible? Are you a beginner ready to study the Bible, but are not sure where tostart? If you answered “yes” to any of these questions, then Rookie Devotionals is the book for you!

Krystal takes a practical approach to the Bible concerning every-day challenges. From raising children to forgiving a loved one and even how to be an effective leader, she takes the sometimes overwhelming anxiety out of studying scriptures. With sections dedicated to specific topics, she breaks down the Bible and challenges the reader to use scripture and prayer to triumph over life’s biggest hurdles.

Rookie Devotionals will help conquer your fears of reading the Bible, renew your faith in yourself, and lift your spirits to heights you never imagined!

Whatever it is that fills your soul, in those moments when your heart is just breaking, reach for it. Embrace it.

You can check out Rookie Devotionals below!


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