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The Best Time of Year to Buy Nearly Everything!

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Did you realize that there really is a best time to buy things? Almost anything, in fact. Food, things for the home, outdoor living things, and clothing, books, and even things like gym memberships all have regular cycles of their best prices.

Our grill is in sad shape. The push button ignitor hasn’t worked for a long time, and almost the entire portion where the flames are has completely burned away leaving open flames everywhere. I am just not comfortable having such large flames shooting up with kids around, so we are either going to be purchasing a new grill or looking into getting this one repaired. Generally I shoot for repairs, but it may be beyond hope at this point.

Just like I have a list of when things go on sale in grocery type stores, I have a list of when to buy other things, too, and this list has grown over time.

best time to buy nearly everything

I started researching these things years ago when we kept adding a new computer every year as our kids needed their own for school, but I have also bought any new kids clothes by shopping smart – only when things are on clearance at the best possible price. The list just grew from there.

Here is when I have found the best times to buy various things through the years.


  • workout clothes
  • gym memberships
  • workout at home items like treadmills or weights
  • televisions in preparing for the Super Bowl
  • new linens since the new year must make people want to start fresh here, too


  • winter clothing starts going on clearance
  • jewelry for Valentine’s Day
  • discounts on massage, pedicure, and other pampering packages for Valentine’s Day


  • luggage in preparation of spring break travel
  • clothing clearance continues


  • travel deals to warmer places during the summer, especially cruises (we went to Mexico in June for much less than if we went during peak season)
  • clearance on clothes


  • since the focus is on outdoors, this is a great time to buy indoor furniture
  • grills
  • things for the patio
  • outdoor decorations
  • lawnmowers


  • sales at Home Depot and Lowe’s for Father’s Day
  • tools


  • summer clothing starts being put on clearance
  • summer things like grills, patio furniture and lawnmowers go on clearance
  • a few school supplies late in the month


  • all back to school supplies
  • laptops
  • bedding for dorms
  • basic furniture for dorms
  • basic small appliances for dorms
  • summer clothing on clearance
  • clearance on outdoor things like hoses, outdoor tools, and the things previously listed above in July


  • appliances with the focus coming back inside
  • cars – the current inventory starts being sold at great prices to make room for the new year’s models
  • some home furnishings


  • car deals on last year’s models continue
  • heaters
  • fireplace equipment


  • electronics for Black Friday
  • early Black Friday deals—watch the newspaper inserts on Sundays throughout the month


  • toys
  • the day after Christmas everywhere on things that didn’t sell…check Target, Walgreens, Kohl’s, and other department stores. Clothes, wrapping paper, home goods. The list is endless.

Shopping smart can save you a bundle. I just keep this list on my computer to consult it as needed like when wondering when to buy a new grill. Sticking to this calendar means you may have to wait to buy something to get the best price, but usually the amount in savings makes it well worth it.

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