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Teaching Kids Lessons Through Stories – Hard Work

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There are so many stories, fables, and even poems that are filled with lessons and morals, and I love when I am not the one to “teach” these valuable things to my kids.

I often try to find ways to teach my kids important concepts in roundabout ways. Do you do this, too? Object lessons are great, and who can forget the parables of Jesus. Since He found it effective to teach His children through stories, I figured it was worth a try back in the day. It has always been so valuable.

lessons through stories

One of the greatest teachers of lessons and wisdom was Aesop. You can find his stories anywhere, and they are among our favorites.

This one illustrates the concept that gain does not come without hard work, and it is from Aesop.

The Farmer and His Sons

A farmer, being at death’s door, and desiring to impart to his sons a secret of much moment, called them round him and said, “My sons, I am shortly about to die. I would have you know, therefore, that in my vineyard there lies a hidden treasure. Dig, and you will find it.”

As soon as their father was dead, the sons took spade and fork and turned up the soil of the vineyard over and over again, in their search for the treasure which they supposed to lie buried there. They found none, however: but the vines, after so thorough a digging, produced a crop such as had never before been seen.

I find the greatest way to use Aesop’s fables, or any other teaching story for that matter, is to read it and ask your kids for the lesson. They can often find it. If they need help, I can usually prompt them along so they eventually discover it on their own. Of course the important part is that the lesson is discovered, however you get there.

In this case, although he treasure was not what they thought it would be, the man gave his sons a great gift through their hard work.

Do you teach your kids invaluable lessons this way?

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