The Five Most Popular Posts This Week 7/5

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It’s Sunday again, and it’s been a busy week. In case you missed a few posts this week, here are the top 5. Interestingly, I wrote a couple more heart-felt and honest ones, dare I even say controversial ones, and they are the most read ones. Lots of new visitors here now. Welcome, we are happy to have you join us.

You will find some regular features here. Sundays are days for menu plans and reflections on the past week as well as deals I find at Walgreens at times, Mondays are a day for a quick Bible verse and planning for the week (which sometimes spills over into Tuesday), Thursdays have another Bible verse to focus on, Fridays often focus on fitness, Saturdays don’t have a regular feature here, but if you are a subscriber to receive emails there is a feature that goes out in the email on Saturday mornings.

Of course there are plenty of other things here, too, there are usually about five posts a day with one of those being a deeper, more in depth one. So, we would love for you to stick around.

Here are the top five:

why i'm not talking about same-sex marriage


Why I’m Not Talking About Same-Sex Marriage

an open letter to the woman walking past my driveway

An Open Letter to the Woman Walking Past My Driveway

31 ways to grow your family's faith

Building Your Family’s Faith Through Summer Fun – Ice Cream

10 ways smart people control clutter

Ten Ways Smart People Control Clutter

5 ways to slow your life down

5 Ways To Help Slow Your Life Down

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