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Why You Want to Teach Your Kids to Cook

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Wednesdays are my crazy busy day with driving kids all over the place. My day of driving literally starts at 7:50 in the morning and finally finishes at 8:45 at night having made 18 (yes, 18!) trips in and out of my car. I totally wish I was kidding.

Meals are always a challenge to manage as well, and in all actuality I’m really not here for any of the three meals on Wednesdays. With kids coming and going all day, there aren’t even meals at regular times, either. Each meal is eaten at three different times at least. It’s crazy!

That’s why I’m determined to continue to build cooking independence and responsibility in my own kids as part of our homeschool curriculum. Not only do I need to share the load now on days like this (and they’re fully capable), but I also know that of all the skills I can teach them, how to cook real food will be one they’ll use daily. Multiple times a day! The blue box mac and cheese is great every once in a while, but I want my kids to know how to do more than open a box or can. Thankfully, my kids are learning…and they’re having fun doing it.

In reality, you want to teach your kids to cook so they can…cook!


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If you know you want your kids to be healthy eaters as adults and responsible family members now, there’s a great opportunity right now to teach them to cook. The Kids Cook Real Food eCourse that my friend Katie and her kids created has been taking the country by storm with its free knife skills for kids series (over 15,000 families have accessed it!) Check it out HERE!

What’s so cool about the Kids Cook Real Food eCourse is that Katie has created a whole vocabulary of cooking for kids to use, provided recipes written in kid-friendly language, and emphasized real food – there’s no “open this can” or “put cheese on an English muffin and ask an adult to microwave it for you.” By the end of the course, kids are making full dinners and even know how to fiddle with seasonings to create their own recipes.

You want to teach your kids to cook when they are younger so that when they are older and have you chasing them around everywhere, they can carry the meal load right along with you. And, maybe you can even have a date night without having to make them dinner first! (this is really cool).

Don’t miss it. Enrollment closes TODAY!!! 


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