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How Do You Keep Your Family Healthy? (reader question)

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“How do you keep your family healthy?” Reader, Lisa, wanted to know.

There are others who have asked specifically about elderberry syrup, and I am so sorry it took forever to get you this information, but here it is.

This is actually a great question…especially to ask of a large family mom. I have tried all kinds of things over the years, and my kids have immune systems that are naturally not all that great, so I have gone to great lengths to learn about what I can do to help them.

So it’s the time of year where I really have to buckle down on doing what I can to keep my family healthy. When you’ve got a large family, sickness can and has taken our entire family down for more than two months at a time. For this reason, I try to do everything I can to prevent getting sick in the first place.

Of course there is only so much that one can do, but, when sickness comes in and I have been lazy in preventing it, I feel so guilty about it.

I figure I do the best I can with the regiment that I follow, and then at least I’m being proactive to the best of my ability. I guess it helps me feel less like a sitting duck!

So, here is how I keep my family healthy to the best of my ability.


A big part of this routine is elderberry syrup, and the other week I posted a picture of my elderberry syrup stash on Instagram (you can follow me on Instagram here, by the way). I made enough to get through what I hope will be Christmas before I start making the next batch.

I have long since bought my elderberry syrup from this company. Here’s a peek at what I buy:


This company is called Beeyoutiful, and I have purchased supplements, syrups, and oils from them for years. I think it was about two years ago that they started carrying the supplies to make your own elderberry syrup with their recipe at home, so if I have the time this is what I do…otherwise I do buy it in the gallon site 🙂

Anyway, elderberry is not only an awesome immune booster, it is also great for helping bring sickness down. This is often what makes my kids feel the best when they are sick.

I can also say that we are sick way less since proactively using supplements, syrups, and oils from Beeyoutiful.

We use both the elderberry syrup and their Super Kids vitamins year round (read the label on Super Kids…it’s AMAZING stuff!). Here it is! Check it out!


Another product that we love is Tummy Tuneup. You can check it out right here.

Tummy Tuneup

This SAVES us when the stomach flu hits. We start taking these right when the first person gets it, and it so greatly reduces the numbers of us who get it in addition. More than half the time it is contained to just that one person when we are diligent in taking Tummy TuneUp.

We also do a lot with essential oils. To be honest, I have friends who are really into them so I just do what they tell me to do while referencing it with the books I have to make sure that they are safe for the kids I have at their various ages. But, I do buy my oils from Beeyoutiful most times as well.

Here are the books I reference:

Keeping your kids healthy is something that we can’t fully control, but we can do our best to keep them healthy while they are out in the world collecting them all. Here’s what has worked well for my family. Try it out, what have you got to lose?

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