Weekly Goals 2/23

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weekly goalsA new week is again upon us, which means it’s time to start focusing on where our week is going. I generally wait util Tuesday to set my goals because Monday is generally a day when I can do little to focus on the projects that need to get done. Monday is always a school day year round for us, and there are almost always things that spill over from the weekend onto Monday. For me, Tuesdays are the first day that I feel like I am starting a new week.

A busy week is again upon, and I do enjoy watching my son play football, I am glad there is only a few more weeks to go. My life will get so much less busy.


Spiritual Goals:

  • review prayer cards
  • leave three comments in Bible study group

Wife Goals:

  • date night to celebrate end of semester (no more sick hubby)
  • planning meeting for upcoming year

Mom Goals:

  • write in mom notebook
  • date night with one child

Healthy Living Goals:

  • drink 100 ounces of water
  • bed by 11:30

Homemaking Goals:

  • hang pictures
  • defrost freezer

Office Manager

  • pay all remaining bills
  • schedule remaining goals

Blogging Goals

  • update lists
  • schedule monthly calendar

Considering the week I had, I am amazed at what I got done. It actually felt like I got nothing done, so it was so nice to have these written down so I could see that I really did accomplish quite a bit. I earned every bit of this B+ this week!

Spiritual Goals:

  • remain current in online Bible study group
  • recopy Bible verse cards

Wife Goals:

  • date night on Thursday
  • complete all scheduling and financial information for last semester

Mom Goals:

  • spend 10 minutes with 4 kids each day
  • complete 8th grade grading

Healthy Living Goals:

  • drink 100 ounces of water a day
  • establish a new leg workout

Homemaking Goals:

  • complete calendar set up for the year
  • clean up storage room

Office Manager Goals:

  • deal with credit protection
  • file more papers

Work Goals:

  • complete assignments
  • complete graphics

Feel free to share your goals in the comments!

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