20 Fun Back to School Traditions

Back to school time can be a stressful and anxious time for both students and parents. While we can’t completely remove the stress or anxious feelings entirely, we can overcome these feelings. One way we can do this is by creating and revisiting some fun back to school traditions every year.

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Some of these may be things you are already doing, but some of them may be entirely new as well. Some cost only a few dollars while most are completely free of cost, which is totally up my alley. Several of these also require next to no time to actually set into motion, but the memories made will last a lifetime.

Check out these 20 fun back to school traditions!

back to school traditions

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  • throw a back to school party the night before…fun desserts, party favors, games, you decide!
  • decorate their room while they are sleeping…balloons, fun sign, crepe paper etc.
  • a new outfit of their choosing
  • make them a fun lunch…create fun shapes using things like this or this, just make it special
  • give them a love note in their lunch
  • let them choose the meals/snacks for the first day back to school
  • take them out for ice cream after school
  • make “back to school cool juice” make some punch, add some pop to their juice, create a special drink to send them on their way that day
  • let your daughters wear a special piece of your jewels that day, and for sons make them a friendship bracelet or get their a special necklace just for this occasion
  • of course take the first day of school picture with them holding the sign announcing their grade
  • put a spin on the traditional picture & take a picture of their shoes with their grade written on the pavement at their feet
  • make up a silly song all about the first day of school, and then sing it
  • send along a picture of something fun you did over the summer
  • send a picture of their siblings along
  • create a fun “miss you” note from the family pet(s)
  • start the day with a quick 2 minute calisthenics routine
  • pray over them before they leave
  • with an older child, send along a picture of them on their first day of school in kindergarten or an earlier grade
  • create a welcome home sign for when they get home
  • celebrate with a sundae bar after dinner (as long as you didn’t stop for ice cream after school)

Don’t let the first day of school be something your family dreads. With a little creativity and a bit of intention, it can be a day that everyone looks forward to every year!


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  1. Hi Jennifer,

    Where was your blog when my kids were in school? Such a wise woman you are. I love how you do things. Just wanted to say thank you for posting this. We love traditions!

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