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What Are You Doing to Fill Your Tank?

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Another weekend is here. Weekends are a time to catch up. Weekends are a time to be with our families. Weekend are also a time to catch our breath as moms.

What are you doing to fill your tank this weekend? I shared some of what I like to do in my newsletter this morning. If you missed it, you can still sign up for it and not miss another one.

Whatever you like to do, in order to get it done, you will want to actually schedule it. By that I mean, write it on your calendar or write it on your daily list. If you don’t, somehow it will have a way of getting pushed to the back burner…at least if you’re anything like me.

It can seem selfish to take the time for just us, especially when we are in the thick of life with little ones who are so dependent on us, but the truth is, we aren’t just doing it for ourselves. We’re actually doing it for our loved ones as well.

Throughout my book, A Realistic Action Plan For the Weary Mom: 15 Days of Hope From The Intentional Mom, I talked about the importance of filling your own tank. Many of the things we struggle with as moms can be greatly diffused by pouring a little bit into our own selves as well. Whether you’re feeling weary, overwhelmed, frustrated, or alone, taking this time for yourself is essential, because after all:

filling your tank as a mom

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