5 Things I Love This Week

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If you are a reader here, you know that Sunday means it’s time for me to reflect back on the week I’ve had, sharing with you the things that have impacted me most.

Because I finished my book last weekend, I’ve had some more time to focus on other things. It’s so amazing how easily life can pass us by if we don’t reach out and grab it! Finding things to savor during the week is a great way to do that.

I like to think about it as taking prolonged snapshots in my mind, because that is exactly what I do when I discover something that I know I will want to reflect on.


Hearing from people who love my book

It was a labor of love, I suppose that’s a given, but it is so awesome to hear from moms who are enjoying it! Thank you for all your emails!



We have had 70 degree weather this week. In Michigan. In November. Last year at this time we were shoveling snow, which is more the norm. I loved every minute of this. Every. Single. One!


Baby snuggles

He’s getting so big. Gotta take these moments when I can get them!


And because now the cold weather is here, we have loved hanging by the fire this week

Love it!

beauty of a network of friends

My network of people

I am so blessed to have a network of people who come alongside me to encourage me when I’m feeling down. The kind of people who shoot me some ideas when I can’t see around the mountain in front of me or when I feel. I’ve had these people come alongside me in my personal and my business life. So thankful for them. I wish I had a picture to share on this one, but I don’t 🙁

What have you loved in your life this week? Feel free to share in the comments!

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  1. Great post 🙂 It’s been so helpful reading you lately. So I’m grateful for that.
    This week has also been amazing. great weather here in Toronto. We’ve been out raking leaves and taking walks to the park after My 4 yr old gets home from school and being able to soak in those last minutes of sun rays and listening to my boys giggling while running around in the park has been everything! the little things are the best 🙂

    1. Ah! It is the little things, isn’t it. And if we don’t stop to notice them, they fly right by!

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