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Why Two (or more!) Are Better Than One – MYM Day Seven

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Would you agree that two (or more) are better than one? I do enjoy my alone time, but I have truly discovered how at least two are better than one.

I’ve said it before, but I really think I was born in the wrong generation. In many ways, I think I would have fit in so much better in the 1800s than I do in the 21st century. Don’t get my wrong, I do love certain things about the here and now, but in general, I am kind of a simple gal.

I think two of the things that attracts me to that generation are the simplicity and the community aspect of that generation. I love how families and communities came together. As a girl, and even now at times, I long for the “Walnut Grove” lifestyle. When a farmer was injured, the neighboring farmers all came to meet the demands of the farm. If there was a tragedy in the family, the community was there, and they were there for the long haul.

Looking at it from here, it seems like the people who lived during that generation were authentic, they were selfless, and their loyalty was ever-present and longstanding.

These concepts are at the heart of what it means to be accountable to someone else.
two are better than one

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Sometimes an accountability partner can be our biggest cheerleader while other times an accountability partner can keep our feet to the fire. Both of these roles are equally beneficial to each and every one of us. For this reason, I am so glad that coming up with an accountability partner or two are part of this course.

In reality, people are always better when they have a partner. I am guessing that at some point in your life, you have had someone to be accountable to. For this reason you can probably agree that having someone to be accountable to is an amazing way to get something done.

This accountability factor is the premise behind programs like Weight Watchers when you have to weigh in to make an accounting for the choices you made. Accountability is also part of what makes attending an exercise class work or something as simple as being part of a book club.

When we have to answer to someone else for our actions, we are so much more likely to be intentional in the choices we make.

Just this past week, I was blessed to be on the receiving end of my relationship with an accountability partner as she came alongside me to pick me up when challenges were getting the best of me. She encouraged me and brainstormed solutions with me, too.

When I really find having an accountability partner to be a major asset, is when I am fearful to complete something or in some way lacking self-confidence. My accountability partner won’t let me give up when the going gets tough, but she also won’t let me flounder alone. My accountability partner is always there to tell me to just keep swimming.

I have a running partner who I can’t always run with in person, but even when we are not running together in person, I often tell her what my goal is and then check in with her via text while I’m running. I tell her when I’m struggling and want to give up, and I also tell her when I’m on pace to set a new personal record. In both sets of circumstances, I am stronger because she is my accountability partner.

Take the time to work through today’s worksheet in the workbook. Having a few accountability partners could just be the thing that propels you on to greatness!

Does this idea interest you? Want to know more? This is the focus of day seven in Crystal Paine’s course, Make Over Your Mornings. This course may be just what you’ve been looking for. Click on the banner below to find out more about it!

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  1. Doing this course online has been some what of accountability for me. I purchased make over your morning last year and didn’t make it past day 4. My fourth child started not sleeping well and I let it fall to the wayside but I want to keep up with everyone and the posts so I’ve made it this far and it really is helping me!

    1. That is so great to hear. This was my hope in putting it together! Thanks for letting me know you’ve enjoyed it!

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