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50 Smart Tips Savers Know

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50 smart tips savers know

It seems like everywhere you look, people are talking about saving money. I have had to become a saver out of necessity, especially with such a large family, but saving money seems to be a growing trend these days.

I have numerous posts here that speak to many of these ideas in great detail under the Frugal Life tab, but here is a list that you can use to make some quick savings today, all in one place.

Be Smart in the Kitchen

  • get a deep freezer
  • meal plan
  • cook at home
  • master the art of DIY in the kitchen by making things rather than buying
  • freezer cook and have pantry staples for meals in a pinch
  • keep a log of good, better, and best prices on groceries
  • make a shopping list and only buy what’s on it and shop smart
  • visit roadside stands, farms, orchards for fruits and veggies
  • grow your own food
  • buy meat from a local farm – a full or half cow at a time

Be a Smart Office Manager

  • pay attention to your bank and credit card statements for errors
  • get rid of credit cards with fees and exchange them for cards with rewards
  • optimize any health savings accounts or plans through employer
  • fund your retirement plan to maximize employer contributions
  • take free money with interest free payment options and put payoff date on calendar to avoid interest
  • get an interest earning checking account
  • get direct deposit to avoid cash in hand
  • shop around for car and home insurance rates every 6 months
  • shop around for best rates on phone, internet, cable
  • often calling to cancel your current service is how you will get the best rate
  • cancel cable
  • make a budget and stick to it
  • make one extra mortgage payment a year…or more

Be Smart With Things Around the House

  •  invest in a programmable thermostat
  • make your own laundry soap
  • make your own fabric softener
  • make your own disinfecting cleaner
  • search for you tube videos on repairing what is broken – appliances, computers, car
  • read your appliance manuals and follow for optimum performance
  • hang your laundry
  • keep a clean home to maintain longevity of carpet, furniture, and furnishings
  • repair, recover, refinish, or repurpose something that is broken, old, in need of repair…10

Be Smart With the Things You Buy

  • become a member of your local Facebook garage sale group and buy used
  • check Craig’s List, eBay, and Amazon before buying
  • read reviews on products before buying – be an informed shopper
  • buy things at the right time of year and only when on sale
  • ask salespeople for a better price on everything you buy
  • check groupon for savings within your community
  • watch deal sites
  • ask frugal friends for their tips
  • write the company for the products you use and ask for coupons

Be Smart in the General Details

  • seems simple, but use less of things whether salad dressing, shampoo, or gas
  • swap babysitting with friends rather than pay babysitter
  • sell stuff you’re not using
  • exchange with friends on things like manicures and pedicures
  • make your own bath scrub
  • coconut oil is a great hair and skin moisturizer/treatment
  • learn about essential oils for preventative care or treatment rather than paying for dr. visits and medications
  • get regular car service to maintain the life of your car
  • drink more water for health and increased savings over pop, juice, or flavored water – put some lemon in it – yum

Some of these things you may know, and some may be new. Some may seem scary while some may seem painfully obvious. Some of these things may be things you can do today, and some of these things may be things you need to work toward, but using these tips can turn spenders into savers!


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  1. These are great suggestions. I love the one about keeping your house clean to maintain longevity of carpets etc. I had never thought of it that way

  2. I meal plan, shop sales, freeze,can and dehydrate what I can. Great list though, I need to work on a lot of them. Some I’ve never really thought about. Thanks!

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