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Children Are Important

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Wednesdays are always a flurry of activity in our home. We homeschool our kids, but Wednesdays are filled with shuffling kids back and forth to various activities and events all day and evening. It is always a rush, not from a lack of being prepared, but more because we just have a large family to rotate between staying home and heading out.

Yesterday, two of my girls were making cards to give to their various instructors and friends for Christmas. How much did I feel like a failure when one of the teachers of my 8 year old pulled me aside to look at the card my daughter gave her. Actually, this wasn’t even one of her teachers from this year, but one of her teachers from last year. My daughter just adores her.

This teacher pulled me aside to look at her card. The very same card that my daughter tried to show me earlier that morning. The very same card that I was too busy to look at.

As I walked into the classroom to look at the card, I would be lying if I said that my chin wasn’t quivering.

She handed me the envelope and I couldn’t help but run my hand over the outside of the envelope that my daughter so carefully decorated. I am surprised that I could still breath since the lump in my throat was so large. The tears began to well to the point of overflowing as I opened the envelope and looked at the card inside. It was made with such love.

My heart broke. Even now the tears stream down my face.

We are moms. We are busy moms. We wear many hats and we are pulled in several different directions at once. However, this truth is so important to remember.

Today, will you embrace this, will you live this truth with me – the truth that reminds us that children are important?

children are important

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