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Are You Looking to Transform Your Grocery Budget?!

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If you are looking to save money on your grocery budget, I’ve got just the thing you need. It’s a ten week course that takes you through a 10 step process to cut your grocery budget in half. It’s called the Grocery Budget Makeover, and it makes saving money on your groceries super easy.

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The Grocery Budget Makeover is a 10-week course that will change the way you shop for groceries…forever. Erin Chase, founder of the Grocery Budget Makeover, will lead you on a journey into the depths of your mind, your heart and yes, the grocery store too. Sounds dramatic, because it is. Any and every makeover you experience is dramatic, and this one will be too.

Here are the highlights of what the course teaches you:

Week 1 – Setting the Table

Week 2 – Family Pow-Wow

Week 3 – The Art of the Creating a Shopping List

Week 4 – A 5 Dinner Meal Plan, not the $5 Dinner Meal Plan (Maybe)

Week 5 – Outsmarting Yourself, and Someone Else Too

Week 6 – Stockpiling for Normal People (Not for Hoarders)

Week 7 – Meal Planning 201

Week 8 – Stretching Your Coupon-Buck As Far As You Can

Week 9 – Time Saving Kitchen & Cooking Hacks

Week 10 – How to Score Freebies Every Week

Finale – Mantras & Report Your Savings Time!

This program is designed to reshape and reframe the way that you think about shopping for groceries, and how you actually shop for groceries. The strategies that you will learn and implement will make a huge impact on how much you are spending on groceries each week.

The cost for the Grocery Budget Makeover is $49 total, which means that it is less than $20 a month throughout the span of the course, or less than $5 a week.

New to this course in the new year are a couple of different options: an audio only version for $39 and an “extreme” version for $79.

This means you have three options so you can find the options that works best for YOU!

It’s a very small investment, considering that it will help you shave $49 off your grocery bill in the first month!

Meal planning, stockpiling, and the kitchen cooking tips and hacks alone are worth their weight in gold! I find that these three things alone are an integral part of the way I am able to feed my family for only $250 a month. If you are serious about saving money, this is an amazing tool!

Registration is only open for a week, however, so you won’t want to delay.

Beginning tomorrow January 3rd and extending through midnight EST on January 11th, you can register for this life-changing event by clicking on this link right here or on any of the graphics within this post.

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