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Cleaning Schedules, Tips & Hacks~Includes a FREE PRINTABLE!

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Cleaning is just part of life, but wouldn’t it be nice to clean quickly yet effectively, and only when things actually needed to be cleaned? As a busy mom, it can be so hard to find the motivation to clean when I actually do have the time. If only I had all the cleaning schedules, the best hacks, and awesome tips all in one place?

When I couldn’t find what I was looking for, I just created it for myself. These are so good not only for me as a busy mom, but this is also a great resource for my kids as they come alongside me to help keep our place in order.

If you are a busy woman looking for something to kickstart your cleaning motivation, this could be just what you need to give yourself that kick in the pants.

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And with that, here are the cleaning schedules, tips, and hacks you need to make a clean home a breeze!


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  • make bed: make your half of the bed as soon as you get out
  • clean your dirty dishes: the old fashioned way really is easiest – let them soak in a sink full of soapy water
  • wipe down the front of your kitchen appliances
  • wipe down kitchen and bathroom counters using a simple cleaner, like this one
  • do a quick clean of mirror using a cloth, like this one, just click on it

  • fluff your living room pillows and fold blankets
  • put shoes away
  • wipe off toilet seats using disinfecting wipes like these, just click on them

  • sanitize sponges and kitchen rags by putting them in the microwave for two minutes


  • dust in main areas: kids can help with socks on hands
  • vacuum all carpets using an efficient, lightweight, and amazing vacuum like this one, it’s great for our family of 10 and pets! Just click on it

  • clean your shower, but let these do the work, just click on them
  • quickly wipe out your refrigerator
  • clean your microwave, but boil a mug of water with a little lemon juice in it first. All you have to do is wipe it out
  • wipe off/clean stovetop
  • wash bathroom towels
  • wash bedding
  • steam mop all solid surface floors using a steam mop like this one, just click on it

  • sweep area in front of exit and entry doors
  • shake out all rugs
  • throw out spoiled food


  • dust all baseboards using socks on your hands
  • clean blinds using this time saving hack
  • quick clean windows using this cloth

  • clean appliances including your refrigerator, dryer, washer, and dishwasher
  • vacuum and rotate mattresses
  • remove couch cushions and vacuum them as well as the couch
  • wash all throw blankets
  • wipe down all doors, handles and knobs, and light switches
  • clean ceiling fans. Dusters like this work really well! Just click on it

Every Quarter:

  • remove carpet stains. This steam cleaner is amazing!
  • deep clean your shower like this
  • organize/clean and organize closets
  • deep clean your refrigerator like this
  • clean under kitchen and bathroom sinks
  • clean drains
  • wash all rugs
  • thoroughly clean windows
  • wipe down cupboard fronts and handles in kitchen and bathrooms
  • wash shower curtain liner
  • clean toaster
  • clean all toys: put toys that can get wet inside a laundry bag like this and wash in the washer

  • clean or get new vacuum bag
  • dust where walls and ceilings meet using this to get rid of cobwebs

Every Six Months:

  • defrost and clean freezer
  • vacuum and rotate mattresses
  • sweep/clean garage
  • wash comforters, quilts, and pillows
  • clean under and behind furniture
  • thoroughly clean coffee maker
  • dust or clean tops of all door and closet trim
  • clean bathroom vents: vacuuming and wiping them works best
  • clean heating vents: vacuum first, then use a tool like this, just click on it

  • dust lamp shades by vacuuming them
  • purge magazines


  • clean out cupboards
  • clean gutters
  • purge unused clothing
  • get rid of broken or unused toys
  • deep clean car

Cleaning is so much easier when we know what to clean and when to clean it. Grab your free downloadable above if you missed it!


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