I’m Really Going to Be Okay (and you are, too) Monday’s Inspirational Reads Chapter 9

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You know those times when you see or read something that so vividly takes you back to a place in your past? A time when the emotions are so raw and so real that it is like you are right back where you were before. A time when life just had ahold of you and didn’t let go. A time that so deeply impacted your heart and your soul that you were never the same.

you're going to be okay

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Reading You’re Going to be Okay has been that kind of experience for me, and I think chapter nine illustrated this the most to me.

If you find yourself in a place of heartache, great trial, despair, and unending uncertainty, take heart. I’ve been there, too, and let me tell you what I’ve learned, especially after reading this chapter of this book.

When times get tough, when life threatens to squeeze the life right out of me, and when I feel like I don’t know how to even take the next breath, I’m really going to be okay. 

And since I’m going to be okay, that means that you’re going to be okay, too. 

Let me tell you that I I know it’s normal to:

  • want to control my future
  • fear the future
  • feel a lack of hope in the future
  • feel stuck
  • feel hopeless
  • feel guilty about not being happy, about being afraid, about being uncertain, about being overwhelmed, and about feeling trampled on
  • feel emotion even if my frustration, sadness, fear, hurt, heaviness, and hard seems trivial in light of the frustration, sadness, fear, and hard of those around me
  • need to be reminded that emotions aren’t to be rated in terms of severity and that there is no judge who decides whether I should be hurting or by how much
  • have to be intentional in finding joy, hope, and faith
  • have to remind myself of the same thing over and over
  • be a work in progress
  • lead with my head even when my heart feels empty
  • just spend the day going through the motions
  • fake it until I make it at times
  • be human and experience human emotions as a result

As I process through the valleys of life I realize that I must put into practice the skills that I’ve already learned in what it means to be an overcomer.

I have learned that I have to keep in mind that no matter what has happened to me, I am still the same. I have only experienced things that have taken me to a new place.

I know that God is the same…that He is always the same.

I know that my future is full of hope, even when my future seems to be pitch black.

I know that it is during the trials of life that I must remain focused on the other side, even when I have to walk through fire to get there.

I know that good and perfect gifts are promised to me.

I know that I’m really going to be okay.

Therefore, I know that you’re really going to be okay, too.

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