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The Ultimate List of Homeschool Supplies

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I have gotten several emails from moms who are just getting started on their homeschool journey looking for what the essentials are to get started with. They are not looking for curriculum recommendations, I have plenty of them here, but they are looking more for the essentials.

As a homeschooling mom for 11 years, I have sifted through the things I have, and these are the things I’ve decided are must have essentials for homeschool moms.

There is something here both for moms and for kids, and they include reading materials for moms, character resources, must have supplies, and some life savers, too.

Here is the ultimate list of homeschool supplies!

homeschool supplies

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This is one of my favorite homeschooling books. I have read it again, and again, and again. Timeless wisdom that helps keep everything in perspective.

This is a huge book, but I really consider it to be my homeschooling Bible. Mine is really marked up with my favorite parts, which is a good thing. Schedules, materials, and everything in between, this book really covers everything.

Every homeschooling mom needs a laminator, Chore cards, family mission statements, and Bible verses are just a few of the things that I’ve used mine for. I had no idea how much this thing would get used. One of the best buys I’ve made yet!

Pencils are always needing to be sharpened, and this has been my favorite one EVER.

This is one of the best ways to organize homeschool supplies. It can be used in so many different ways, but it is essential in any homeschooling household.


This is how I like to store all the kids’ papers. I add dividers for each subject and find that these are big enough to hold one kids’ papers for three years.

This is so good for keeping track of the family calendar where everyone can see it, which is greatly helpful

We also have this board. We use it for writing Bible verses, definitions, and other things that kids are struggling to keep straight at any given time

I love these for storing kids’ schoolbooks, they fold for easy storage, and they are very durable
These are my favorite resources for character training:

My kids LOVE this set of DVDs and so do I. These are one of the best ways to teach character traits to younger kids.

This is one of our favorite resources for character building, and it is written at a level that even my 5 year old can handle.

I love respectful children, and I love this book. Truly. You must have it!

For those days when you just need a day off from teaching but your kids still need to learn. Even my young kids love watching these, and I do, too. They are places I know I will never see in person, but it is like you are there. These are my favorites:

From the creators of Planet Earth, this is all about the frozen regions that few people ever see in real life.

You know you have a great set of DVDs when your kids ask to watch “school DVDs” when they have a turn to pick the family movie!

This has been a great learning tool. Kids learn various math skills without ever realizing they are learning.

Having an easel available can really help break up the monotony of things like math. When we have a particularly rough lesson, it ends up being so much easier to learn when we start working on the easel.

If you are looking for a list of what to get started with in homeschooling, here is what you need to know!

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