Beauty and Grace Has Been Made Full

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embrace the gift of today

I first spoke of Kara here.  I had been so faithfully checking for updates knowing the end was near.  Caught up in all the sickness over here, I completely missed that she was called home on Sunday.  In honor of Kara, I will be loving on the people in my life for a few hours.  I will update with the recipe variation I created for the soup we are having tonight.  It is simmering away, and it smells fantastic!

If you are looking to honor Kara, spend some time being intentional today with the life and breath you have.  Purchase her books, I linked to them over here.  As I remember they are not expensive, but they are totally worth it.  Lose yourself in this extraordinary woman.  She has so much to teach.  Embrace the gift of today.  You’re the only one who can.

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