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Weekly Goals 5/26

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weekly goalsHere we are again with another week off and running. What a crazy week last week was. I ended up getting sick, and then there was the holiday thrown in there to disrupt things a bit. I did complete my weekly spring cleaning projects and then some, and although I would have loved to have gotten a little bit more completed on these goals here, it felt really great to complete some larger projects that were looming over my head.

Posting my goals and being held accountable to everyone here as well as to Crystal’s folks over at Money Saving Mom really helps me stay motivated to getting things done. If you don’t have anyone to be accountable to for your goals, I highly suggest it. You can let us know here in the comments.

If you haven’t read my post on setting goals, that could be a great place to start.

Here are my goals for the week:

Spiritual Goals:

  • research next chapter for OBS
  • copy Bible verse notecards

Wife Goals:

  • write letter
  • date night Wednesday

Mom Goals

  • date night with Skateboard Guy on Thursday
  • finish thank you note with Skateboard Guy
  • research scholarship options for music camp

Healthy Living Goals

  • register for race
  • drink 100 ounces of water a day
  • run 8 miles on weekendrunning-573762_1280

Homemaking Goals:

  • make 4 freezer meals
  • make granola bars for freezing

Office Manager Goals

  • shred papers
  • schedule appointments for fall
  • finish calendar

Blogging Goals

  • complete assignments
  • research more options on ebook


Here is how I did last week. I give myself a “C”

Spiritual Goals:

  • jump back in to online Bible study group three times a week
  • research next online book study

Wife Goals:

  • date night
  • read 3 chapters in marriage book

Mom Goals:

  • shopping with Dancing Girl
  • help Skateboard Guy write thank you letter

Healthy Living Goals:

  • run 8 miles on weekend
  • eat less junk food 😉
  • spin twice this week

Homemaking Goals:

  • make 4 freezer meals
  • make 5 batches of granola bars for freezing

Office Manager Goals:

  • catch up on tax info
  • fill out calendar with summer activities

Blogging Goals:

  • begin work on ebook
  • make general outline of next series

Have you been setting goals?


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  1. I LOVE this! I’m going to start making this one of my posts every week and reference this post if that’s alright? I never thought of splitting my goals up! That’s awesome you grade yourself as well. We all have good intentions but life happens. I was knocked out for 1 week in bed rest because my sinus infection got into my lungs and I’m still slowly recovering but it hindered my blogging

    1. That’s great, Dana. I’m glad you like this idea. It really is a great tool on keeping yourself on track to accomplishing more, at least in my case. That would be great… I would love to have you share that you’re posting goals, too. I really enjoy breaking up my goals, it helps me make sure that I’m not forgetting an area that I do want to spend some time on. And yes, life happens, all too often it seems!

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