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Calming Your School Morning Craziness

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Just as the time when all the kids come piling through the door can be stressful, trying to get everyone and all of their needed things out the door can be crazy chaotic as well. School mornings can be downright stressful!

Oftentimes people get up late, things are MIA, people are all leaving at varying times, and whatever could go wrong certainly manages to go wrong at this vital time. With some planning, however, you can take control of this time rather than having this time completely control you.

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Whether you are trying to get preschoolers or high schoolers out the door, here are the things you can do to control the before school craziness, and it starts with the night before!

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These are things you can do the night before

Plan and/or prepare a quick & easy breakfast 

There are so many casseroles, sweet things, and even oatmeal dishes that you can make the night before to have ready to bake or serve in the morning. Breakfast can be an especially crazy time, so do what you can to make the meal go more smoothly.

Prepare school lunches

If anyone in your family takes a lunch to work or school, make that the night before. Take advantage of having various bins of salty snacks, sweet snacks, prepared vegetables and fruits, and even sandwich fixings all stocked and ready to go by Monday morning to make the lunch making process even more efficient during the week.

Pack backpacks

Have your kids get everything they need to take to school packed and ready to go. Even with my older kids, I have them go through these things with me since they often tell me they have everything but fail to actually have everything. Better to deal with this at night than in the morning.

Review your daily calendar with your family

Whatever it is that is going on that day, review it with your family the night before. Make sure that everyone greets the day knowing what is going on, what is expected of each family member, and who has to be where when.

Gather everyone’s sports and music equipment

Ever tried looking for the missing cleat during the morning rush? Even if you haven’t, trust me, you don’t want to. Gather everyone’s sports and music equipment at night. I even do what I can with this on the weekend. I do a lot on the weekend to get ready for the week ahead. You can read about it in How to Set Yourself Up For a Really Great Week.

Preplan school outfits

This can best be done on the weekend, but even if it is only the night before, pick out all the outfits before the morning rush hits.

Gather shoes

Ugh. Shoes are so annoying. With 16 feet that need shoes, there are forever shoes that are missing for any length of time in my home. Trying to get out the door is not the ideal time to have the stress of trying to find shoes for everyone. Take care of it the night before and get them right by the door or wherever you put them on.

Check your gas tank

Ah yes. The gas tank. Having to make a list minute stop for gas in the morning is one of the things that annoys me most. Make sure you’ve got enough gas to carry you where you need to go the night before to avoid that awful realization when you are already stressed enough in the morning.

As moms, we need to set our alarm 15 minutes early

As I have recommended before, set your alarm 15 minutes early and then get up…don’t just hit snooze during those extra 15 minutes. Getting up 15 minutes earlier than you need to provides you with an automatic buffer or cushion for when things take longer or interrupt your day.

school morning schedule

As moms we need to get up before our kids

Even if it is only 10 or 15 minutes, getting up before your kids allows you some valuable time to get your own head straight before jumping into mom mode with both feet. Not sure why? Read Why You Want to Get Up Before Your Kids and How to Do It. Trust me, if you want to control the morning chaos, you need to get up before your kids.

Is the before school rush driving you crazy? Try these tips to get in the driver’s seat of your morning and find the relief you need.


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