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A Realistic Action Plan for Creating a Mom Mission Statement

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Creating a mom mission statementCreating a mission statement for my role as a mother has been so valuable to me that I wanted to share the steps I used to create my own. In yesterday’s post,  I spoke of how creating a mission statement is a vital first step in the process of finding fulfillment as a mom. Creating a mission statement as a mom provides you with a tool you can use to choose what is good, better, and best when it comes to deciding how to spend your valuable time.

A general mission statement is always great as is creating a family mission statement (I would like to share creating a family mission statement later), but for today’s purpose, these steps will guide you in creating a mission statement specific to being a mom. This will take some time, but I know you will agree that it is time well spent once you get yours done.

By taking time I don’t mean complicated, just that you don’t want to rush. That really is the first tip I wanted to share. Please take your time, pray about it, find a quiet time to gather your thoughts, and revisit it often as you are in the process. I often keep my work in progress just in a file on my computer and add to it as I go. This is actually the way many of the posts you read here are written.

My mission statement has changed just a little bit over time as more children have come into the picture and as I have come to need to add more roles into my life. For instance, I have added confidante into my mission statement now that I have older children who I want to feel comfortable to confide in me. This is just one example of how my mission statement has changed.

Examine the season that you are in and describe your roles as a mom at this time. Limiting them to 10 roles will keep you from having an overwhelming list with which to work. Because they are only dealing specifically with being a mom, you would not include things like “cook” here. I’m sure you are a cook at times, but just don’t worry about that. My list looks like this:

  • leader
  • teacher
  • disciplinarian
  • chauffeur (none of my kids drive so I am taking them everywhere. I do value this time in the car, which is why I listed it here. We have some of our best talks in the car)
  • confidante
  • encourager
  • role model
  • protector
  • tone setter

Next, think of only 10 words or phrases that you would want your kids to use to describe you most. Again limiting them to 10 keeps your template more manageable. My list looks like this:

  • spiritual
  • intentional
  • always understanding
  • selfless
  • nurturing
  • fun mom
  • firm, yet loving
  • forgiving
  • grace-giving
  • always present

The next step is to describe the home environment you want to create. What words would you want your kids or yourself to use when describing your home. By now you know the routine, 10 words or less. My list looks like this:

  • haven
  • peaceful
  • filled with grace
  • filled with understanding
  • the place where my kids develop a spiritual foundation
  • loving
  • free of unresolved conflict
  • the place where my kids feel free to fail
  • learning environment
  • the place where my kids want to be more than anywhere else

So at this point you have described your roles as a mom, described the mom you want to be, and described the home you want to create for your children to live in. Now, it’s time to combine all these thoughts and ideas into a cohesive mission statement. Just as with setting goals, you want to make sure that your mission statement is reasonable to your life as it is. We can all come up with a “pie in the sky” image of who we want to be, but you want your mission statement to be attainable rather than something that is too difficult to achieve, leaving you with yet one more thing to feel like a failure about.

After working through this process, this is the mission statement I wrote:

In everything I do as a mom, I want to be prayerful, intentional, selfless and nurturing, putting the needs of my children ahead of my own. I want to be there, really there for my kids, creating a home that is loving and filled with grace, understanding, and plenty of love where my kids feel comfortable to try new things, even if they know they might fail. As a mom I will be firm but loving, and since our home will also be a place for learning and fun it will be the place my kids want to be more than anywhere else. As a mom I want to be my kids’ teacher, their leader, their confidante, and their protector, even while going about the mundane realities of driving them in the car, making their meals, and completing the tasks they count on me to complete each and every day. Our home life will lay the spiritual foundation that my kids will carry with them for the rest of their lives, and I will always, always remember that I set the tone of my home. I will forever cherish my role as a mom, even when the days are hard.

As you can see I didn’t include every single thing from my list. I also jumped around a bit between the three different elements until I was happy with the way it flowed. However you put yours together, just keep working on it until it is just the way you want it.

Creating a mission statement as a mom is all about living more intentionally. It is choosing when to say yes and when to say no to all those things that pull us all in so many directions. Having a mission statement ahead of time gives you the filter through which to sift everything. As I highlighted yesterday, having a focused “job description” also provides us with so much fulfillment as moms.

This post is the 14th in a 15 day series 15 Days of Hope for the Weary Mom, that is taking us through the rest of the month of May. This was the bonus of the series…helping you create this vital tool.

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Come back tomorrow when we will wrap up this 15 day series of Hope for the Weary Mom!

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