How You Can Help Victims of Hurricane Matthew

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I think we have most likely all heard about the devastation of Hurricane Matthew by now. While we watched the storm approach the coast of the United States, my family and I were so deeply saddened to see what a large area this storm would affect.

Of course after the storm, it was even more horrifying to see what was unfolding in these areas. A fellow blogger, Heather Bowen, is from one of the communities that was hit the hardest. For this reason, she is doing everything she can to help her community recover.

You may recognize her name as I wrote about how I love her planner in this post. I have the homeschool mom one, but she also has one for moms who don’t homeschool along with several other products designed at making life easier.

What does this have to do with you?

Right now, she is giving 100% of the proceeds from her products to her hometown to help them rebuild and recover.

Read more about how this works in her post by clicking on this link HERE.


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