The Beauty of a Network of Friends

I wrote some of my scary experience with my Skateboard Guy last week. If you read that first, this post will make more sense. The past week has been a bit of a flurry of phone calls, dr. appointments, insurance company back and forths, and research. This was combined with the fact that my usually … [Read more...]

Thursday’s (or Friday’s) Walk in the Word

Whoa! Yesterday was such a busy writing day for me I didn’t get the Walk in the Word Up.  Sorry!  I knew it was Thursday, at least most of the day ;) I will admit I am so focused on the fact that it is going to be 70 degrees here today that I have been a bit distracted. Of course next week there … [Read more...]

Weekly Goals

My kids and I are so thankful to my in-laws for opening their home to us for what I sure was a very long six days while my husband worked through yet another horrid stomach virus this year.  Because it was the fourth go round for us since September, the kids and I decided just to vacate the premises … [Read more...]

The Best Part of My Day

Yesterday morning became a frenzy real quick because my husband came down with the most nasty stomach virus known to man, and since we have had it FOUR times already this year, I was not going to sit around and wait for the eight of us to get it, too.  We have already missed numerous events and … [Read more...]

In Every End There is Always a New Beginning

About three years ago, a house was built on the vacant lot across the street from our house.  Having built two houses of our own, it was kind of fun to watch the family come asses the progress on their home every few days as it was being built.  It is such an exciting time. Then around Christmas … [Read more...]

My Guest Post on Money Saving Mom

Did you happen to miss my guest post over here? With spring break just around the corner, I didn't want you to feel alone if you are stuck home while everyone around you jumps ship for different … [Read more...]

Beauty and Grace Has Been Made Full

I first spoke of Kara here.  I had been so faithfully checking for updates knowing the end was near.  Caught up in all the sickness over here, I completely missed that she was called home on Sunday.  In honor of Kara, I will be loving on the people in my life for a few hours.  I will update with the … [Read more...]

The Promise of Spring

I have spoken before of my frugal journey to not using my dryer, but today is a huge milestone.  Although hanging everything inside over the winter was a new experience this year, I have been hanging things to dry outside during warmer weather for as long as I have been married.  Maybe because my … [Read more...]

Sunday’s Inspiration

[Read more...]