The Five Most Popular Posts This Week

Are you curious to know what the five most popular posts have been again this week? There has been a flood of new people, and it's been fun to watch what everyone has been reading. As usual, there is something for everyone as far as topics go. Here's what people have loved this week! Got a Picky … [Read more...]

13 Frugal Ways to Communicate Love to Your Teen Daughter

Sometimes it can be a mystery when it comes to knowing how to deal with teen girls, and knowing how to communicate is no exception. They don't have to be a mystery, however, but I can say from experience that they certainly need to be handled with care. So often teen girls get a bad reputation … [Read more...]

The 5 Most Popular Posts This Week

It’s Sunday again, which means I’m going to share what the most popular posts this week have been. If you haven’t read them yet, here’s your opportunity without having to scroll through. Here’s what other readers have loved this week! The 10 Rules of Communicating With Your Kids The 10 … [Read more...]

The Five Most Popular Posts This Week

What an exciting week here! We've had thousands of new readers, so I wanted to personally say thank you to all of you who are telling your family and friends to come visit here. It's been great to have everyone! I also wanted to personally welcome all of the new readers. It's great to have you … [Read more...]

The Five Most Popular Posts This Week 9/6

What a fun week it's been here this week. One of the most popular posts was actually a post like this one from nearly three months ago when the five most popular posts of the week were named. That post does include a few of the most popular posts in The Intentional Mom history. I will go ahead and … [Read more...]

What Your Teen Really Needs From You

Do you know what your teen really needs from you as a mom? Teens. If this word strikes fear into your heart, you would be in good company. The teen years are often likened to toddlerhood all over again. As a parent of a teen and two tweens, I can see the parallels, but I haven’t had the … [Read more...]

Giving Grace in the Midst of Responsibilities

Aren't there times even as adults that we need a healthy dose of grace? I know I need a lot of it. There are times when I reflect back on my day and feel as though I failed miserably at nearly everything I did. One of the areas that is a constant struggle in our home is chores, and with such a … [Read more...]

A FREE Offer For You!

I have some exciting news and a FREE offer for you! This weekend I finished writing an eBook, which is now in the editing phase. The book is based on the series I had here during the month of May when I gathered a panel of young moms and asked them to share their struggles with me. I asked them … [Read more...]

New Bonus for Subscribers!

If you have thought of subscribing here but haven't taken the time, I wanted to make sure you saw that I am now offering a NEW FREE incentive. It's called Praying Through the Alphabet For Your Child, and it's printable so you can print it off and tuck it right where you need it. Or, print off more … [Read more...]

Being an Intentional Mom

This is my Giggly Girl in the midst of command central.  Excuse the state of my office, but you know, keeping it real. Anyhow, we rotate kids who get "special time" with mom in the evening, and although it was not her turn last night, she was needing some extra love, come to find out. Since I … [Read more...]

Being an Intentional Mom

For me, as I have become more focused on being intentional in my life, especially when it comes to my kids, I see so many opportunities that I may have otherwise missed.  I can't really focus on all those missed opportunities, I just don't need to feel that guilt, and there is grace to cover that, … [Read more...]

Being an Intentional Mom

Today I was an intentional mom by celebrating my girl's birthday with surprise pedicures for she and I along with my mom. It was a first pedicure for all of us.  Obviously I am not one to splurge on this sort of thing since I am 40 and have never done it, but it was such a special time for the three … [Read more...]

10 Simple Ways to Listen to your Kids

It is so easy to "listen" to our kids but never hear a word they have to say.  I have talked about listening before, but I think we can all agree that listening is first and foremost removing distractions and clearing your mind.  Listening is not an absent minded "hmm-mmm," while texting, posting on … [Read more...]